Fifa 17 manager mode so far

As soon as I bought it I knew I would be hooked. I have been playing far too much but have recently started a manager season.  Now I only got into manager seasons in Fifa 16, but there is such a difference in just one year.

I am loving the graphics on this seasons edition, parts just look so realistic. I am also loving the fact you can now see your manager and his reactions. This adds that little bit extra into the game when you can see the response just like in a real game.

I am also loving some of the new objectives such as keeping capacity at over 85% which means you need to be pulling off great performances week after week. There is keeping the budget under a certain level when buying and selling players. This adds so much more to the game than just the standard reach last 16 of a cup etc.

What are you liking on the new fifa? Let me know what you think in the comments below or over on twitter.

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