Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Bliiq Hummingbird Wireless Earphones

Towards the end of last year I came to the conclusion that I really needed to get some new earphones especially as I was going to be working out a lot more. That is when I came across the Bliiq Hummingbird Wireless earphones all thanks to one of my favourite USWNT players Kelley O'Hara. I had seen Kelley endorsing these and I fell in love with how clean and simple they looked, so when Liam asked me what I wanted for Christmas these were top of my list.

The earphones came in a really strong box which was actually really nicely designed. I didn't expect the box to look so brilliant and when I opened the box it just got even better. The left hand side when opened actually has a big picture of Kelley O'Hara on it so I got a pair of earphones and a picture of my favourite player. I was surprised to see how clean the earphones actually looked, a lovely clean white with the silver logo on each side. The microphone and volume control is perfectly placed on the left hand side so it doesn't ride too high up or hang too low. That is one thing I was a little worried about as I didn't want to be running around and having the volume control hitting me. The wire is just the right length too so they aren't too tight but it hangs perfectly, again not constantly hitting my neck as I train.

They come with a USB charger, different sized ear buds and most importantly a case. Having plenty of choice size wise for the ear buds is brilliant it was a little bit of trial and error but I finally found my perfect fit, which made a very nice change as I am used to them sliding out or being too big and uncomfortable. The USB length is great too, I use Liam's charging station for this and the length means that they aren't left on the floor too get stood on, they literally just hang there. 

But I think one of my favourite things is the little white case you get as I am forever losing earphones or breaking them so now I have somewhere I can finally keep them nice and safe. It is only a small case but the earphones are a perfect fit so you can easily just put them into your bag without the earphones getting tangled.  It is a hard case too so it gives them that added protection when they are stored.

I have had plenty of time testing these out now and I can not fault them as they don't lose connection like my previous ones, sometimes the connection would drop out but with these it has not been an issue. The battery life is amazing too as I barely ever have to have them on charge even with the amount of time I spend using them. 

As you can see from the above image I have the top of my ear pierced and I was worried this may effect the fit and feel of these but in all honesty they are the comfiest I have owned, there is no rubbing and they fit perfectly around my ear. I half expected them to fall out every now and again but so far so good and that issue hasn't happened. 

The sound quality is brilliant too sometimes you can have an echo or a tinny sound with some earphones and the quality isn't that great but with these you can hear every beat in the song perfectly not like some Skullcandy ones I had in the past.

These were purchased from Amazon  (although now I can only find them on the US site) and honestly I would say if you don't mind spending around £50 on a pair of earphones I would seriously recommend trying these, they are the best I have had in a long time. So thank you Kelley O'Hara for bringing this brand to my attention.

What earphones do you use in the gym or when you workout?

See you soon

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Finally Some New Pick Ups

I finally broke my game buying ban and to be honest I think I did it in the best way even though I haven't actually finished games as I have wanted to (slowly making progress though). The only reason I broke it is due to Game having some pretty good deals on recently. First up I got Spiderman for just £24.99 if I remember correctly then just the other week I got Kingdom Hearts 3 for £19.99. It isn't just games that I have picked up lately either as they have had some great deals on merchandise too. I picked up the pink FIFA 19 jersey for just £4.99 and I also got this super cute Tracer soft toy for £7.99, as Tracer is definitely my favourite lately. 

It wasn't just Game I spent plenty in either, the Disney store have had some great products out recently.

I got this Lion King blanket for £25 which is super soft and cosy, I think it might ended up living in the games room so I can get wrapped up and play plenty of games whilst nice and comfortable & warm. The print is brilliant on it too.

Liam then treated me and the nephew to this animatronic Simba but we all know it was really for me. He is really soft and plays music along with saying different phrases. I think he was also £25 but I think the nephew is really going to enjoy it especially as he is growing up. 

Anyone who knows me knows I am absolutely obsessed with Stitch and one thing I love is getting the latest Stitch mugs when I go to the Disney store. I absolutely loved this one as not only does it have Stitch and Scrump on the front but it also has Ohana on the back. You really can't ever have enough mugs especially Disney ones.

See you soon,


Friday, 9 August 2019

FUT 35,000 Coin Pack

With FIFA19 coming to an end and me having a whole lot of coins left over without really wanting any specific players or needing any I though I may as well just try my luck with a pack that cost me 35,000 coins. I didn't need those coins so why not see if I could get anything good for it. The pack was 30 cards and here is what I got...

I kept Aurier, Wood and the contract from the above image, as they were the best fits for my team. I didn't really need anything from this but the premier league players could fit in quite well for me. I am happy with my manager Klopp at the moment so I don't need any other managers and I already have far too many keepers.

In terms of the above I kept all these cards as they all come in very handy even as it is coming to an end, I am still playing enough games that I can run out of contracts. Plus I always lose track of fitness so the fitness cards come in handy.

The cards in the above were all quick sold too as I really don't need these as they just don't get used so why not earn a few coins back out of them. 

All in all it was a terrible pack for me with me not keeping much especially for the 35,000 coins it cost me. But as it is nearing the end it was worth it just to see what that could get me, granted if I picked this up mid season I wouldn't have been impressed at all.

See you soon,


Thursday, 8 August 2019

August 2019 Goals

Remember last month when I said I was doing a monthly goals post well here is a list of those goals for July and if I managed them or not...

Finish series 1 of One Tree Hill - Well this didn't happen, in fact the boxset hasn't moved at all lately. 
Catch up on Riverdale - The only thing I have actually watched on Netflix lately is the new series of Orange is the new black, so Riverdale has still to be watched.
Watch 3 films I own but haven't seen yet - YouTube has been watched more often than not in July so unfortunately I hadn't actually watched any films either but I do really need to.
Finish South Park Fractured But Whole - Well thanks to my Xbox this hadn't happened, the stupid thing kept crashing then not reading disks until the last day of the month when we finally got around to sorting the issue out. 
Finish Titanfall 2 - Again this didn't happen thanks to the issues with the Xbox and I am actually quite gutted as I was really looking forward to playing this.
Finish Crash Team Racing - This may have been possible if I stopped getting so stressed with levels but with the amount of breaks I am having to take from it means it is lasting me.
Plan more posts for the blog in advance - I was absolutely wiped out in July and this was thanks to me going to plenty of events and the gym. So the fact my nights were spent elsewhere and my days were filled with work not much planning went on.
Bring back my interview series - It is in the works, I just need to sit down and get all the questions sorted out.
Get at least 2 posts up a week - Well thanks to me being busy and a lack of planning this barely happened too.
Do more work on the spare room - We spent a few days working on the room but there is still a lot to do.
Get back to the gym at least twice a week - For the final few week or so we did this which felt great.

So after doing absolutely terrible with last months goals, here are my goals for August...

Film / TV
I finally want to watch at least 3 of the films like I said I would last month. I also want to try watch a new series, yes I know I haven't finished the others but I really want to watch Manifest so if  I can start that I will be happy. But before I do that I want to finish Orange is the new black.

As long as the Xbox stays working this is going to be similar to last month as I still want to complete Titanfall 2 and South Park. But along side that I want to try complete 1 game from my steam library as I have been neglecting it. 

I will get posting on here more throughout August and I finally have the ideas for posts. Alongside that I get my new chair so I can sit at my PC longer as I will be comfier meaning I can blog for longer. I will definitely have at least 1 interview up this month too and I can't wait to get back on with them.

This month we will definitely get all the wallpaper stripped off the walls in the spare room but most importantly I am aiming to get the decking finished in the back garden ready for my birthday in September. It is so nice seeing how everything is finally coming together.

So there you have it those are my goals for August what are you hoping to achieve?

See you soon,


Tuesday, 6 August 2019

FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #10

I actually stayed off FIFA last week but I actually forgot to post the previous weeks squad battle rewards so here they are. To be honest they weren't all that great as I only got to Bronze 1, as I actually played different games for a change. So here is what I got... 

Bronze one doesn't exactly have spectacular rewards but I did get 2 gold packs and 800 coins.

From the first pack I didn't keep much, Only the contracts, fitness nad Prupper card as he may actually work in my squad or at least on the bench. The rest were all quick sold as I really don't need them, especially the kits as I am more than happy to just use my Roma and USA ones from now on. 

In the 2nd pack I actually only kept the contracts and fitness cards as none of the other cards fit what I need. 

FIFA19 has come to the end of its life if I am honest and I can't wait for FIFA20 but until that is released I will definitely be carrying on playing FUT on 19 just so I get my FIFA fix. Are you still playing FUT19?

See you soon


Thursday, 1 August 2019

July 2019 Favourites

Well July was busy month, with the end of the World Cup, plenty of football matches to attend and footballing events to go to, plus I even went to a Gymshark event. But one of the best things about July is the fact I actually managed to get back on my games, granted those games where mainly FIFA but at least I was gaming again. As I said though there was plenty going on throughout the month and here is what I was loving the most...

Film / TV
We actually managed to go to the cinema in July and it was fantastic. That is why 2 of my favourites are finally new releases, first off we saw Toy Story 4, a film I had been waiting to see for years. Toy Story is definitely on of my favourite Disney franchises so when this film was absolutely fantastic I was delighted, I was worried 4 films may have taken it too far but it was absolutely spot on and Forky may just be a new favourite character. The other film I saw we The Lion King, again I was worried that a live action remake may spoil the film but WOW it was amazing, the characters all looked brilliant and it didn't stray too far from the original cartoon version. 

In terms of TV Orange is the new black came back towards the end of the month and I am about 5 episodes in and I just don't want it to end. So far season 7 is already a lot better than 5 & 6 so I cant wait to see how the whole thing ends.

Finally Tegan and Sara are back, it feels like they had gone forever. They have come back with an absolutely amazing song too 'I'll be back someday' has been on repeat ever since it's release I just cant get enough of it. 
I have also been loving KSI's music once again and have loved mainly playing Pull Up and Real Name. Honestly I think KSI is really underrated and I could listen to his music all day.

In regards to tech I haven't had many favourites the main one though has to be my Bliiq earphones which I will be doing a post about very soon as I am in love with them, they are just perfect for the gym, which I have been going to a lot more. Another favourite though is not something I own but something I have been doing... I have been looking at getting into YouTube properly now which has meant I have been looking into equipment I could pick up to help me along the way, the main thing I have been looking at is a microphone but I have also been looking at ways to upgrade my setup.

Finally onto the gaming I have been loving actually sitting down and playing games once again, June was all football literally every day I was watching a game, but July was more of a mixture. I have loved getting back into Minecraft on the PC, playing FIFA again and trying to get into games I want to complete. I can't wait to play more through August.

So there you have it those are my favourites from June what were you loving in June?

See you soon,


Monday, 29 July 2019

Last Week #26

Why was it too warm all week whilst I was sat in the office then once the weekend comes around it starts absolutely chucking it down, we just didn't seem to get a break from the rain at all. But it to be honest it didn't stop us. Tuesday night was really warm but we ended up going to watch Bradford City vs Bradford Park Avenue. Wednesday was another warm one and we ended up going for a walk with my mum, dad and nephew which was great. The rest of the week was pretty chilled and spent trying to cool down but on Sunday we headed out to do a bit of shopping. So other than that here is what I had...

Been Watching: Other than watching some of the new series of Orange is the new black, it has definitely been a YouTube filled week with a mix of tech and gaming videos but a lot of Sidemen videos.

Been reading : I had been tempted to actually pick up my book and give it a read but that didn't work out and I ended up watching YouTube again.

Been Playing: I managed to play some more Minecraft last week and got a few more games of FIFA in. 

Been listening to : Tegan and Sara released a new song ' I'll be back someday' and I fell in love with it instantly and it has been on repeat since with some of their older songs.

Bought : I bought some pretty boring cleaning stuff, some presents for the nephew but most importantly I got a new game and an something Overwatch related.

Plans for this week : I want to get a lot more time put into my gaming, it hasn't gone to plan this month and I want to change that. I am hoping for more Titanfall 2 and Kingdom Hearts as I am still on the first one. Alongside this I want to get more content planning done on this side along with downloading stuff to test if I can stream or not. Finally amongst all this I want to get back into the gym.
So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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