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Recently I was lucky enough to get to interview one of my favourite bands, Kink. The band is made up of Dani and Erica who are both from Canada  and I would describe their sound as pop punk. I fell in love with them when I first heard their song In my eyes and I have been hooked since. From speaking to Dani I have also learnt how great they are to their fans and how down to earth they both are. They play games and have even started the initiative Guitars for Girls. So here you go here is the interview.

Tell us a bit about guitars for girls and how it started?
Erica: Guitars for Girls is an initiative we started in Toronto last year to try and get girls more
involved in rock, since there is an gender imbalance in the music industry, especially in the rock
community. So far we have given guitars to over 50 girls in need, and we will continue to do so!

Any tips for someone who has tried to learn the guitar for years but can't seem to get
anywhere with it?

Dani: Keep at it! Or take lessons. Learning the basics before learning songs you love, is often
important - but if you hate practicing, focusing on playing the stuff you like is great too!

Who is are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Dani: We listen to a wide variety of music - a lot of heavy stuff like Deftones, Tool, A Perfect
Circle, Failure, Avenged Sevenfold and Brand New - and also a lot of other styles like Lorde, Blink
182 and The Distillers.

Erica: Right now we are actually both extremely into K-Pop (Korean pop). Our favourite bands are
Big Bang and BTS.

We know you like Tegan and Sara what songs are each of yours favourites?

Dani: Panting Songs (Days and Days)

Erica: Hell

What inspired you most when you are coming up with new songs?

Dani: We both like drawing a lot on our past, and finding moments in life where we are feeling a
lot of things. Usually moments when we had intense unhappiness.

Erica: Sometimes when we are having a rough day, song writing comes to us more easily.

If you could play any UK venue / festival where would you choose?

Dani: Probably Glastonbury Festival - we have been hearing about it for years, and there have
always been such great bands that play it.
Erica: The Sugarmill also looks super cool.

What was the inspiration behind antidote?

Dani: The first ideas for antidote were written by me when Erica was out of town and I was feeling
sad and like writing music wasn’t helping me feel any better.
Erica: We actually wrote the rest of the song together when we were in Maine 2 summers ago - it
took a solid amount of time to figure out all the harmonies and guitar parts.

What is your earliest gaming memory?

Dani: I remember playing the Sega Master system at my cottage - games like Wonder Boy and
California Games were my favourite.

Erica: Definitely playing Pokemon on Gameboy advanced (obviously you can tell there is an age
difference between Dani and I during questions like these haha).

Do you have a Favourite gaming console and favourite game?

Dani: I will always remain a true fan of all things Playstation - my favourite game is Dark Cloud 2
for PS2. I kept my PS2 just so I could play it forever!
Erica: Gameboy SP - Pokemon Fire Red or Zelda! I love playing them as much as I can.

Can we look forward to a tour or new music anytime soon?

Definitely! We are going to try to make it out to the UK next year hopefully, and we have new music coming out very soon

So there you have it there is the full interview with Kink. I really can't wait to see them play one day and I love seeing the girls fan base grow and them do so well. Don't forget to check them out on YouTube and Twitter.

What is your favourite Kink song? Let me know in the comments below.

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