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I am really trying to discover my style lately and what I have realised is at time I love to go for the sportswear/ street wear sort of style but then other days I find myself reaching for geeky or nerdy clothing t-shirts but unfortunately my wardrobe is currently really lacking in these items. Thanks to clothes no longer fitting I now have 1 Assassins Creed hoodie left and 1 FIFA 19 shirt. But I really want to expand this section of my closet, so this has meant I get to do my favourite thing.... some online shopping. 

The site where I really want to try after spending a long time searching through their full site is Insert Coin Clothing. I heard about them through Twitter at first and I now have a list of items I would love to pick up. So here is what I currently have my eyes on from the site... 
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I absolutely love the Assassins Creed franchise and I love this hoodie just as much. Currently at £31.49 in the sale it may seem a little pricey but I absolutely love the detailing on this, especially the detailing on the sleeves it kind of reminds me of an old school Umbro jumper. Plus it has the little peak on the hood which automatically makes it better than any other hoodie I own. You can find the hoodie for yourself here.

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One thing I love almost as much as I love gaming and football is for some strange reason collecting snap-backs and at just £14.99 this could honestly become an instant addition to the collection. I love the simple black and white colouring on this, it even has the button symbols on the back which is brilliant. As it stands my Heroes of the Storm one is my favourite but if I got my hands on this one it could easily take over.

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As soon as I laid my eyes on this t-shirt I knew it would be a great addition to the closet, with the 4 iconic symbols plastered all over the t-shirt it is bound to stand out whilst also not been too in your face. I think this could be a really good t-shirt for the summer months so you can really show off the design. At £22.99 I think this could a really good pick up. Check it out for yourself here.

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One set of games that is on my to play list are the Gears of War games so whilst looking through the site I wasn't expecting to like anything from this section however, I love this t-shirt and at just £8.80 it is the cheapest item on this list. The main thing I love about this t-shirt is the colours but I love how it looks like the cougar is ready to pounce.

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One of my favourite games is definitely Life is Strange, in fact I was hooked on this so as soon as I saw that Insert Coin did Life is Strange clothing I knew these would be added to the list. The long sleeved top is definitely one of my favourites as where I live can be really cold even in the summer time so at just £23.99 this could be an essential for me. I absolutely love the t-shirt too and at £22.99 this could easily be a pick up. The colours of these tops are great and the designs aren't in your face which is just what I am after.  

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Finally we have another item from the Life is Strange section and this time it is the Chloe hoodie.  At £44.99 this is definitely on the expensive side but the detailing looks absolutely brilliant. Chloe is possibly my favourite character from the games so seeing they have a hoodie just like something she would wear I am definitely very tempted.

I really hope at some point I can pick up some of these items. Check out Insert Coin Clothing for yourself at

See you soon

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