What's On My iPhone 11

I have had my iPhone 11 pro for a few months now and have finally settled with which apps I have on it and where to place them due to how often I use them etc. My iPhone 8 used to be an absolute mess with apps all over the place so it was my aim to make my new phone as easy to navigate as possible so I could always be productive and know where everything is. So here is what I currently have on my phone, just ignore the amount of notifications on some apps, I don't check some often enough or just check them at certain parts of the day. 

So on the bottom bar of the phone I have the phone, safari and message apps which I use daily so this is just the best space for them. I also have the music app on here but honestly I don't know why as I don't use this anymore.

On my first page I have all my most used apps aka my social media, PayPal and Spotify. These are the apps I use most so I may as well have these right at the front of my phone for quick access. My go to apps on this page are definitely Spotify, Instagram & Twitter as these are the apps I open daily without fail. Spotify is mainly for listening to any music I fancy or podcasts and Twitter & Insta are used for chatting to friends and sharing blog bits.

The second page is a bit of a mess but it is slightly organised by me putting things into folders of similar things, this just helps me remember where specific things are. I have my 'other' folder which has things like Goodreads, Disney & Footlocker apps in there. Then we have my 'gaming' folder where I have the PlayStation, Xbox and Steam apps along with the FUT app. Then we have my 'blog' app where I have Analytics, Sheets, LinkedIn & Lightroom. I also have a 'home' folder that is just for controlling our lights when I am out and about. The rest of the apps are really just random ones, I have plenty of different sports apps so I can place bets, keep up on news & get updated scores, then I have my health apps just so I can track my watch activity data, my personal trainers app for keeping track of workout plans & the Pure Gym app so I can see how busy the gym is before I go.

So there you have it that is a quick look into what is on my phone, what are your favourite apps on your phone?

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