What We Are Playing (4th December)


Well it is that time of the week again where I can finally get excited to sit down and play games with very little interruptions. Weekends have been great for gaming lately as I am ahead with the blog & jobs around the house so I have much more free time on my hands to actually get through some of my backlog. After last weekend when I managed to tick some more games off the backlog it has finally been time to start something new which I have been enjoying so here is what we are hoping to play this weekend...


I have been powering through games lately so I am hoping that this weekend I can get Tales from the Borderlands completed as that has been sat in my backlog for far too long. I played a bit last weekend and really enjoyed it so let's hope that continues. I am also hoping to give the FIFA 21 PS5 update a try to see what that is all about. I am hoping that if I complete Tales from the Borderlands I have chance to jump onto Destroy All Humans and make a start on that as it is a game I am really looking forward to playing. 


It is pretty much the same for me this week as I jump back into World of Warcraft Shadowlands which I am enjoying spending time with at the moment. When I aren't playing that though I will be playing a bit more Football Manager 21.

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend. What are you planning on playing? 

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