The games I want to complete in June 2024


So far in 2024 I am not gaming half as much as I would have liked to and it is started to annoy me a little as I know I could use that much needed downtime that sitting and gaming brings. To be honest a big part of why gaming hasn't happened is because the games room is doubling up as storage whilst we do jobs around the house, luckily though those jobs are now all done and we have the games room space back which of course means I can finally sit and game once more.

June is a month where a few things are taking place however, there is also going to be plenty of own time due to no football and no big jobs taking place in the house which I am looking forward to. The downtime is going to be filled with some content nights but a big chunk of it is also going to be filled with gaming at long last as I try to work through that backlog and hit the 10 games for the year complete. So far I am on 4 games complete for the year so a solid month should see me edge very close to that goal before the first half of the year is complete.

So here are those games I am hoping to complete in June...

DC League of Super-pets : The adventures of Krypto & Ace

I have actually nearly completed this game in May however, thanks to moving the spare room items into the games room I ended up ending the month with a few levels to complete on this game. I will be making sure this game is one I get wrapped up nice and early on as it isn't going to take long at all. 

The Void Reins Upon Her Heart

This game should only take a couple of hours to complete and it will be a nice change as I can either try play it on my PC or Liam's Steamdeck. I really need to start shifting through my PC backlog and not just sticking to the PlayStation and I think this is a good place to start.


Cozy games is where it is at for me these days and this one should tick all the boxes for a nice relaxed game for post work or on a weekend after doing housework. This game is apparently under 10 hours long so I should fly through it if all goes to plan. 

Hogwarts Legacy

Now this game is the longest on this list to play and it is definitely hopeful of me wanting to complete it in June. I am not very far into this game and it will probably be the last one on this list that I jump into just with it being such a big game. I did enjoy playing this before so let's see if I do get closer to completing this in June.

Untitled Goose Game

This is another game I have wanted to play to play for a while and I am determined to get through it in June. I can finally play this thanks to it being available on the PS Catalogue so let's hope it lives up to expectations. Again this is another quick game being under 5 hours so I am hopeful I can get this complete.

Sackboy A Big Adventure    

Me and Liam started on this a while back now and slowly made some good progress in the game but since then we haven't really had the chance to just sit and play this together. Fingers crossed we can change this in June though and finally get this game out of the backlog so we can start on our next game together.

Disneyland Adventures

At around 15 hours to complete this one I am quite optimistic that I can get it out of the backlog in June. I started playing this game years ago but then seriously neglected the Xbox, I think now is the right time to head back into it as it is a nice relaxed game that will hopefully ease me back into those longer gaming sessions but I guess only time will tell if that is correct or not. 

There is definitely a cozy theme to June and let's hope it is a good month with at least 4 of these games completed and off the backlog list at long last. I am hopeful with can make some good progress towards those 10 games complete this year if June goes to plan so let's see how it plays out.

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