Room Tour #2

Hey Guys,

So yesterday I posted part 1 of my room tour which was my computer set up. So today here is part 2 of my room.

Next to my PC set up I have a few other essentials I have this little storage seat where I keep all my toiletries with a few more important ones at the side as you can see. Then on top of the seat I keep my laptop which I use for blogging and playing Minecraft. I also keep my Ipad on top of the seat so I can use it whilst on my computer. The seat is also perfect for putting my feet up whilst I play on my games.

Next up I have my bedside table which isn't really a bedside table but more of a cupboard. On top of this I keep my record player candle phone and lamp. I also keep my season ticket money box on here (as most of you know I am a huge Bradford City fan) also an essential on here is my Darth Vader alarm clock.

Inside the cupboard I keep all my CD's, games, vinyls and a few books most of which are YouTuber books or Harry Potter.

Above my bed I have a few shelves which contain my collectibles & books.

If you want to know any of the items on the shelves feel free to leave a comment below. The final part of the room tour will be up tomorrow so don't forget to check back.

Feel free to contact me any time I would love to hear what you have to say. You can contact me

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See you later guys,


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