Room tour #3

Hey Guys,

So today is the final part of my room tour I hope you have liked these posts. So here we go with the final part.

First up is my bed yes I am 21 but hey who doesn't love Batman? On my bed I have my Stitch soft toy, a knitted Bradford City octopus, a giant teddy with a Minecraft t-shirt on and finally I have my Captain Sparklez soft toy which I will be posting a review on very soon.

On my window I have a few pictures of my little sister and for some reason I have an american football there too.

Finally I have my TV set up this is where I spend most of my time as it is where all of my consoles are. On top of this I have all my remotes and games controllers. I also have a collection of Marvel Mr Potato heads and my new sound bar on top of the unit.

 Inside the unit I have my Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4 and Ps3 plus all my headsets and Disney infinity characters.

So there you go that is my room. I hope you have liked these posts and leave a comment below if you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the blog.

Feel free to contact me any time I would love to hear what you have to say. You can contact me

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See you later,


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