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I got my record player for my 21st birthday from my grandparent just over a year ago. Since then I have been very slowly growing my vinyl collection. I absolutely love listening to the vinyls and actually can tell the difference in sound between a vinyl version and a CD version of some of my favourite songs. I love just putting a game on and having a record spinning in the background. Here are the vinyls I have gained in the past year.

 I absolutely love Springsteen. I began to listen to him after hearing Tegan and Sara cover dancing in the dark and I have been hooked since.For my 21st I got Born in the USA to go along with my record player, this was closely followed at Christmas by Born to Run. Whilst having a clear out my grandparents friends found the original dancing in the dark and offered me it. Obviously I couldn't refuse.

Whilst clearing out they also found and gave me the original copy of Thriller, New Kids on the Block and Bryan Adam's everything I do. I love all these especially the Michael Jackson one as I have always been a huge fan.

Next up is of course Tegan and Sara. I am aiming to get the full vinyl collection for these however they are so hard to get over here in the UK. If anyone ever sees one please let me know. So far I have got possibly one of my favourites which is The Con. I also managed to get hold of a copy of Live at Zia and of course I have had to buy Love you to death on vinyl. 

 For my 22nd birthday my parents managed to find me a copy of one of my favourite albums on vinyl. This is the Halsey Badlands pictured above. I have loved Halsey for a long time now so getting this was just perfect for me. Last year I also got the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack as this has to be one of my favourite movie sound tracks.

Finally is one of my favourite purchases of the year. Shura's Nothings real vinyl. I love this vinyl and the packaging is absolutely amazing. This is by far one of my favourite vinyl's in my collection.

So there you have it that is what I have so far. I can't wait to keep growing my collection over many more years to come. If you know of anywhere I can buy the vinyls please let me know.

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