Boss monster unboxing

Me and Liam have had our eyes on this game for a while but for some reasons Waterstones never had the price displayed. Luckily when we went in on Saturday  they finally had it priced up at £18.99. 
Seen as we wanted it for a while we decided just to get it along with Dungeons and Dragon's starter pack. When we got to the check out we got an even better deal, although not advertised I managed to get the 2 games buy one get one half price. So here is what you get 

 When you first open the box you are greeted with the instruction manual and quick start sheet. Which before we have a go at this I know I will have to read it about 3 times because I am useless when it comes to new things.  The best thing with this is that it also comes in a fairly small box so it will be easy to carry to Liam's.

Once you lift up the manual there are 2 separate piles of different decks. 

The first decks are boss, epic hero, hero and spell deck. 

The second deck is the room deck. Which looks like quite a vital part of the game.

So there you have it that is what is in the box. I honestly can't wait to play the game with Liam and see how we both find it. It looks like such an interesting game. As soon as we have played we will be sure to post a full review of what we think. Have you ever played Boss monster? If so what do you think?

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