Geeky clothing haul

You really can't beat Primark for clothing especially when it has something to do with games too. I made the mistake of calling in just after pay day and here is the damage.

This Call of Duty jumper was the first thing I picked up at £12 it is a real steal. I made sure to buy this in a bigger size so it is super comfy to sit and game in.

Any one who know me knows I love Assassins creed so this tee at £8 was a must. Especially with the movie coming up I know have something to wear when I go watch it.

Next up was these super comfy Pokemon pajamas. These are only £12 but I am already in love with them, they are perfect for just lounging around in. I have my eyes on the Call of Duty and Assassins creed ones now. 

Next up is this bargain £5 Assassins Creed t-shirt. I can't wait to wear this with my shirts just to top of my daily look.

 Next stop was Tesco because for some reason my mum has decided we have to wear Christmas t-shirts for Christmas day. This one was only one that was jumping out at me but I think it is perfect for me and cost only £10.

Last stop was HMV. This wasn't for clothing but to take advantage of the 3 Disney DVD's for £20 offer. I have been looking for this Lilo and Stitch for a long time now so had to get it along with my two other favourites Aladdin and Hercules.

So there you have it that is one of my hauls there will be another up later in the week as once again I have spent up.

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