Recent Game Haul

Don't worry I know my last post said I was on a game buying ban. However these were purchased last weekend so technically they were bought before the ban.

I had noticed a while back that Game had the preowned offers on once again so it was a bonus when I found the 5 for £10 offer. I had been looking for the Mass Effect games for a while as people keep recommending them to me so as soon as I saw Mass Effect 2 I wasn't leaving the store without it. I am still needing Mass Effect though.

There was no way I was just going to pay £2.99 for one game when I could take full advantage of the offer. I decided to pick up all the Dead Space games, at the time I thought getting all 3 games would be a good idea. However right now I aren't too sure after playing just 15 minutes of the first one.

I also decided to pick up Resident Evil 5 as I am honestly trying to be better with games and try out more of a variety no matter how scary or jumpy they may be.

So there you go those are probably some of the last games I will be buying for a while. I would  honestly recommend you check out Game's preowned deals too as you can pick up some really good deals.

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