Tegan and Sara Gig

I apologise in advance guys this is going to be a pretty photo heavy post. These images are a mix of both Tegan and Sara shows I was lucky enough to go to.

First off opening the show you had Ria Mae. I begun listening to Ria when Tegan and Sara had announced she was touring. Just after 2 days of listening I was hooked and bought the album. Seeing her live was amazing her set was great. I can't wait for her to do her own tour over here as I will definitely be there. I have a post about Ria coming up very soon so I won't go into too much detail here.

Next up was Alex Lahey. Now the 14th of  February show is the first time I heard Alex. I was instantly hooked. Again I won't go into Alex too much as I have a post all about her coming up. But I absolutely loved her sets both times I saw her.

 Next up is the main event Tegan and Sara I have now seen them 3 times in total and I will keep going as long as they do the tours. Not only do they play great music but they also have great on stage banter. What could be better than a nice of great music great company and great stories.

I loved the fact they don't just play songs off of their latest album but also a mix of their old songs. My favourite songs they played were. Hang on to the night, stop desire, I was a fool and the con.
Here are just a few of the pics I managed to take.

It was also great to see both Ria and Alex at the merch stand after each show.

I am already saving up for the next tour. 

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