Rage Darling interview

Following on from our Deathsie interview, today is all about Rage Darling. I found out about her streams after seeing her tracer cosplay and a few RT's on twitter but I will let Rage Darling introduce herself.....

So tell us a bit about yourself...
My name's Jess but I'm known online as Rage Darling, or Rage for short. I'm an 18 year old from North Wales in the UK and I stream on Twitch and make YouTube videos, mostly vlogs and real-talk videos. 

What made you get into gaming?
Like everyone else I've been gaming since a kid, my sister introduced me to World of Warcraft when I was around 8 years old and I became literally obsessed with it. I learnt how to use a computer, log on and play myself and from then I was finding more and more video games to play. 

Do you have any tips for people wanting to start streaming / YouTube?
A major tip for streaming would be to create a community, the way you do this is by making friends. Put yourself out there, follow like-minded and similar sized channels and help them grow. Simple things like retweeting them, shouting them out, even "raiding" them gets your name out there. Acts of kindness goes a long way in the Twitch community. This is also how I got my name out there with YouTube initially, by doing shoutouts. Try and think outside of the box, don't just do a generic shoutout, invest time picking your favourites, collect funny clips or "highlights" from the people you're shouting out - show people your videos are worth watching. 

What are some of your best gaming memories/ experiences?
My best gaming experience would probably be gaming conventions. The first one I attended, Insomnia 57, was mesmerising - but i60 was even better. I met some of the top YouTubers and streamers and was allowed into the VIP section which was awesome. But memories that stick out the most is just hanging out with friends within games, mostly World of Warcraft. 

What do you hope for with you and gaming in the future?
I hope that I'll make a career out of this, I'm growing and growing (touch wood) and I hope this continues. I'd love to stream for a living but I do think I may get bored of it so I'd like to get involved more with gaming conventions. I got the opportunity to host Rapture Gaming Festival last month in May and it was amazing, I'd love to do something like that again!

What is the best game you have played and the most addicting?
The most addicting has got to be World of Warcraft, by far, hands down. It's terribly fun. I've been playing since I was a kid and I've recently re-subscribed and I know there's millions out there in the same boat of me. It's just awesome!

Can we see you at any conventions any time soon??
You can catch me at Insomnia 61 for sure! Probably as Tracer. And possibly EGX in September!

You can catch Rage Darling on twitter and twitch.

Who do you want to see answer a few questions next?

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