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I always thought the only time I would game would be on an Xbox or a PlayStation or even a Nintendo console. I never thought I would get into PC gaming. 

It was Liam who recommended it to me and I am so glad. I am still saving to subscribe to World of Warcraft but I love playing on the free version. I even bought Overwatch on the PC and downloaded Heros of the Storm.  The steam sale is an absolute savings killer and my backlog on Steam is unreal, I really do need to try power through the games I own. As I sit and think about it now I honestly don't think I have spent over £6.00 for a game on Steam, which is a huge difference to the sale price of actual Xbox games on disc. I am hoping to get a gaming laptop and a new PC soon, if I do I know it will be expensive but I know I get my monies worth due to the cheap games and often the quality of the games.

One thing I struggle with is the controls obviously I aren't used to using a keyboard, but I know with practise I can only get better, plus the majority of games allow you to use a controller to play. My current top 3 games on PC are, Heros of the Storm, Hearthstone and Life is Strange. Each game adds a different aspect to the gaming world into play and I love how smoothly they run on my PC. 

I can honestly say I will be playing on my PC a lot more in the future and will be putting more money in to create my perfect set up, so watch this space. Also keep checking back for PC reviews.

Can you recommend any games I should give a try on the PC? Let me know by following any of the links below.

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