Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X

I got this headset for the Xbox One because it was cheap. Sound wise it is pretty good same with the microphone. However I did accidentally sit on this and ended up having to straighten them back to a normal shape. the headset its self is flimsy and honestly won't take much to break. The head band also doesn't have a great deal of padding on it so it does hurt after a while.

 In terms of the ears they are covered the padding is spot on. I find it also blocks out background noise or maybe that is just my bad hearing. I do have a bit of a lopsided head so each side has to be different but the headset seems to adjust pretty well.

As I said the sound seems to be pretty good through the set and I haven't had any problems with the mic. This handy little button does the trick. Quick and easy to change how loud you want it and if you want the mic on or off whilst not putting you out of the game too long. 

Overall I would recommend this to people on a tight budget or just starting out with the console. But I am personally now on the look out for something a bit better.

Do you have any recommendations?

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