3 Albums I am Loving In August

I have phases of what music I listen to but Tegan and Sara are always up there as number one on the playlists. However I am trying my best to mix up what else gets added. It isn't too often an album is released that I get super excited about, however these 3 below I have become hooked on lately.

 Feed the machine is one of the albums that I was excited for. We last saw Nickelback in November and I had been on countdown for the new stuff since then. I am hoping with this album there will be another tour because I just love going to see them. Nickelback are definitely a band that you either love or you hate, but with songs from this album such as song on fire, it is something different each track. 

 Ah Paramore, I can honestly say these are up there with Tegan and Sara for my favourite group. I have every album and loved when I went to see them. I was gutted when Jeremy said he was leaving but this album is so good. Rose coloured boy is possibly up there as my favourite song but I can't fault this album. I am hooked once more and can't wait for another tour. 

Now LP is an artist I hadn't heard about until her song Lost On You was track of the day on MTV, every since then I was hooked. Her music is definitely different and I can say my family don't appreciate it been constantly played, however I honestly love it. There is a little whistling thrown in and each track is something different. I don't want to say too much about this album though as I am planning on doing a mini review very soon.

So that's what music I have loved listening to lately. What have you been listening to? Any recommendations? Let me know

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