What I Keep In My Bag For A Long Weekend Away


It has been nice getting back to some form of normality recently and what really made everything a whole lot better was the fact that we have finally managed to get on a long weekend away recently with my family which was fantastic. What I under estimated though was how long it has been since my last trip and how much I normally take with me when I go away even if it is just a car journey to somewhere for a few days. Liam laughs at how much I pack but I love to be prepared. One thing I enjoy doing is packing a backpack full of bits I might need for in the back of the car or that I might need if we have any free time whilst we are actually away. it is safe to say I cover all basis for this and my backpack normally weighs a tonne but at least I always have something to do and whilst everyone is lounging or sleeping I have something to keep me entertained. So here is what I pack in my backpack for those weekends away and car journeys...

Nintendo Switch & Games

The Switch is actually one of the first things I pack as it is the most likely to be used on a car journey or whilst others are sleeping. Since I was a kid I have always taken some form of handheld gaming device on holiday with me and I don't see that changing anytime soon to be honest. I make sure I fully charge the Switch before the journey and have all the games I own to hand as honestly my mind changes on what I am playing that much I need all basis covered. 


I love to take my laptop with me just in case the place we are heading to has WiFi as it means I can keep up to date with my shows or YouTube whilst I am away if I like or even better I can carry on creating content whilst I am away. I hate sitting around doing nothing so whenever anyone else is I would rather be typing away on my latest piece of content. Even if I can't get WiFi I can always draft things on my notes or other apps and do a bit of planning for future content. 


These are an essential for me and alongside my charger for my laptop and Switch I also have my phone charger, watch charger and earphone charger. There is nothing worse than seeing that something is dying and realising that your charger is still home so even if I think isn't going to be used enough to run out of battery I still take a charger just in case.


This is a bit of a just in case item that I throw in my bag as I am really lacking in reading time at the moment. I keep saying that I want to read whole lot more but I then spend that time either blogging or watching YouTube so I throw a book into my back pack any time I go away in the hopes that I will pick it up and make a start on it in my down time. Fingers crossed one day I will go away and actually complete a book. 

Notebook & Pen

Sometimes I just prefer to do any future content planning in a notebook rather than on my laptop as you can't beat a good old notebook and pen. This is mainly what I use to brainstorm any ideas I have had or make lists of things I know I need to do in the near future, I also keep all my to do lists in my notebook so it is definitely handy to always have this with me no matter where I am. I have noticed a lot of my ideas appear when I am away as I try to switch off and that is often when the best ideas hit so it is great to just be able to write them down and head back to them at a later date. I also feel more organised using a notebook as everything is in the one spot. 


I tend to have a couple of pairs of these in my backpack for a long weekend away just to make sure if any thing happens to one pair I have a back up. I always used to forget to pack a pair of headphones or earphones and the car journey would feel terrible so now I make sure these are one of the first things I pack. I always take a wired pair just in case my wireless ones run out or aren't compatible with another device. For me being on a car journey without earphones is like going to the gym without any. 


For me you can't go on a car journey or a break without having a fair few snacks in your bag. These days I always tend to have a bottle of water with me and either a healthy snack or some chocolate just to keep me going. I can't do with getting hungry half way through a journey and not knowing when I am going to be able to eat so this just makes sure I have something to hand. 

so there you got that is what I have in my back pack for those long weekends away and it is great as I am never sat around bored and always have something to fill my time with for a change. As I start to go on a few more trips I can see there being more additions to the bag due to the occasion I am going away for but for now this is a good start for getting back into the swing of things. 

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