Games And Accessories Christmas Wishlist

Every Christmas I try for some new games from my family or some game related items. So far in the many years of asking it's never really happening, however as I get older the family are starting to realise just how hard it is to find things to get me. All I really do is sort the blog out, occasionally go to the gym, watch football and game. So the list of ideas is literally down to those activities as much as the family hate it. Surely they are eventually going to have to cave and go onto the gaming list. They have just started adding to my Funko collection so that is a good sign right?

So here are the games on my Christmas list...

I usually buy Call Of Duty on release day but this year I have been good. It usually drops in price around Christmas time, especially near black Friday. If this is the case I am going to pick myself up a copy and see who wants to get me it seen as I am constantly been asked what I want out of the budget I have left. I am actually quite looking forward to giving this game a go and maybe it will actually be a campaign I can complete.

 Now these games are only £19.99 each and I am obsessed with Disney so these games are a must to add to my collection. Granted they are aimed at kids but it is Disney so I can't miss out on trying them.  Even if I don't get them for Christmas I will probably have them by February. 

Another game that is nice and cheap for a change. When I first saw this game advertised I knew I wouldn't be able to resist, since its release just a few days ago I have already had it ready to checkout online daily. But I am going to be good and wait to see if  I get it for Christmas or not. 

I have been on the look out for a good headset for the Xbox for a while now, so this was one of the first items I put on my list. My current headset is currently a bit out of shape (literally) as I used to just leave it laying around. So a new headset is one of the main items I am after, I am hoping I can find a nice comfy headset that will last a while. I will also take a lot more care of it this time. 

Me and Liam are starting to save for a house so it will mean we get our own games room. I think I am more excited for that part than the fact I will have my own house. It will be a place where I spend most of my time so I want it to look great. We will have half the room each with room for all our items. With me wanting to spend so long in there I am wanting a nice comfy chair. I will be blogging and gaming in there so comfort is key, I have had my eye on a gaming chair for a while now. I sit in one at work and honestly it is perfect so this is top of the list, it will be great for at my desktop while still living at home. 

I did ask for a Xbox one X however that will definitely have to be something I save up for, hopefully I will have one by the end of 2018.

Two other games I am after are Assasins Creed Origins, Destiny 2 and WWE 2k18 although I am going to get Assassins Creed before Christmas as a little treat to myself. Destiny 2 and WWE are getting put on the back burner a bit until I can afford them without making myself skint. Plus I need to work out what format to get Destiny 2 on, which do you think?

I know this has been very Xbox related but I am also determined to get back on the PS4 a bit. I need to renew my PlayStation network and try get through the backlog of games for that before I get any more. But I think next year will be the year I finally get most of them completed and get a better set up for both consoles.

What games are you hoping to get this Christmas?

See you all later
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