Top 3 albums at the moment

I have spent a lot of time lately whilst blogging and gaming just having music on in the background. I will have Fifa on low with my iPod playing over it, or whilst I am blogging I will have the music on just to add a little background noise. So here are the 3 albums I have been listening to over and over for the past few weeks. 

I won't say much about Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom as you can check out my review here. But this is definitely an album I can see myself listening to a lot longer without getting sick of it.

I first heard of Alex Lahey whilst at the Tegan and Sara gigs in Feb this year. As soon as I heard her I was hooked. So when I saw that I love you like a brother was coming out I knew I would have to get it. Now I won't go into this too much as I do have a review post planned for this, but just like Halsey I am hooked each song is catchy and it is such easy listening.

Now this isn't exactly an album but it is something I can't stop listening too. I am hooked on listening to the WWE wrestlers entrance music. I have a lot of them downloaded on my Google Play Music account but I also listen to a lot through YouTube. Some of my favourites lately are Randy Orton, Naomi and Bobby Roode. As much as I love them they do get in my head a lot so I usually find myself singing them all day.

So there you have it that is what I have been listening to at the moment. What have you all been listening to?

See you all later
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