Games Room Part 1

We finally moved into our house on the 9th of March and everything has been none stop since then. We are having help with the wallpapering in most rooms so whilst we have been waiting we have made a decent start on our games room. We are in a 3 bedroom house and have actually used the biggest bedroom for our games room. 

Our first job was ripping up the carpets ready for the new one to be laid, once the carpet was up it was onto  painting. Luckily we didn't have to wallpaper this room so it just took us a couple of coats of paint. Once this was all done it was on to laying the new carpets which have turned out to be better than I expected.

Once the carpet was down it was time to finally put a few bits of furniture in there. Liam treated us both to new desks, his is all set up on the left and mine is on the right. I still need to get my PC all set up and start looking into picking up a second monitor. The wire behind my desk also needs pinning back and then I need to get my whiteboard put up (more on that in my next post) I am also thinking of getting a shelf a bit higher up with some figures put on. Liam is thinking of doing the same with behind his desk too.

As it stands I am just using a temporary unit for my TV and have only set my Xbox up, I can't wait until we get to Ikea and get our big TV unit and bookcases to fill this wall. I think some shelves will also be added to this wall. I was originally getting a sofa bed to put in the room however I think this may end up making the room look too small so now I am looking at folding gaming chairs or a bean bag. The whiteboard at this side of this unit is the one that will eventually be up behind my desk.

The wall as you enter this room I think is going to end up being the poster wall, I keep telling Liam I want to put posters up from our favourite games, mainly just because I want a Tracer poster and an Assassins Creed one. In the future it may even have a few more shelves seen as between us we have a lot of figures, especially Funko ones.

We still have quite a lot to do which is:
Find a blind
New light shade
Set up my PC
Get TV unit, shelves and bookcases
Set up rest of consoles
Find a chair for me to sit on whilst playing consoles
Find posters for up on wall
Find me my tracer figure
Put whiteboards up.

I can't wait until it is all done and how we want it looking. Make sure you check back soon to see how we are getting on with the room, hopefully it will all be completed very soon..

 See you soon
TNG Games

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