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I have taken to listening to my iPod a lot more lately whether I am just sat around, blogging or gaming. You can guarantee that I will have my earphones in listening to some form of music and sometimes a few podcasts. I never listen to my entire library so I have one playlist which I change around every month or so. So here is what is on my playlist at the moment...

 I have every single Fifth Harmony album on my playlist as I just can't get enough of them. I also have nearly all the singles they have released which weren't on albums, I just need to try find big bad wolf which was a Japan exclusive if I remember correctly. I also have all the girls solo singles on here as I can't get enough of those either my favourite at the moment though has to be Normani singing love lies with Khalid. 

Camila Cabello's album has been on the playlist since I got it. You can see my review of the full album here, I honestly can't fault any of this album and can see it been on the playlist for a very long time.

Both of Halsey's albums are on my playlist and haven't moved off it since I got both of them. I just love Halsey's sound and each song is different. I even have the CD in my car as my hands free has broken, she is just an artist  I don't think I will tire of hearing. You can see my review of Hopeless Fountain Kingdom here.

Stormzy is an artist I got into thanks to my sister. We went halves on the album but honestly I think I have listened to it a lot more. She actually went to see him before the album came out but I refused to go because I said I really didn't like him. Turns out I love every song on the album and can't wait to hear more music by him in the future and who knows I may even go see him live with her next time.

So there you have it that is what is on my playlist at the moment. Do you have any new recommendations?

  See you soon
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