Last Week #6

what I got up to last week

Finally the football is back it was nice to be back watching Bradford after what feels like forever. Granted we lost our first home match and I actually told Liam I was bored for half the game but it was nice to be back. Along with that the house is starting to feel more homely and we are at the stage now where we can unpack more boxes at last, hopefully it won't be long until we have a fully completed room. I have been back to my parents to pick up more boxes including my old consoles. It is so nice to finally be more settled even though there is more to do. I really need to start finding art work for the games room walls though as they are so plain. We got the blind up in the games room too meaning I can game all day if I really wanted to without the sun being a pain. So here is what I got up to last week, I had....

Been watching : I am hooked on Lamar Wilson over on YouTube, I spent days on end watching him and now have his little opening tune stuck in my head 24/7. 

Been playing : I played a little more of the Crew 2 and I am hoping to get more played soon but the main think I have played is South Park the fractured but whole. I actually sat and played it for over 4 hours which is a new one for me and I am really enjoying it.

Been reading : Once again I haven't been reading mainly because I have been busy or watching YouTube. I need to get my book finished though as I want to start my World of Warcraft ones. 

Been listening to : I can't get enough of Halestorm's album Vicious, it is absolutely amazing, I have also listened to quite a bit of Halsey throughout the week. 

Bought : I was pretty good and all I bought was some PC speakers which surprise surprise don't work on the PC, we don't know what the issue is but I know it is time to start looking for a gaming PC.

Plans for this week : We need to head to Ikea so we can get a shelf for the living room for my Disney figures, we also need to get measured up for the shelves we are making for the games room too. Hopefully I can get more gaming in as well seen as we are in Manchester all weekend.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,
TNG Games

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