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Since moving out and getting the games room, it has been so much nicer having a dedicated space for gaming, but it has also turned into a nice little blogging heaven. I have my own little corner which is all for gaming on my PC (or at least trying to, I really need a new PC) and also my blogging which I really am trying to keep on top of. I am constantly making changes to the set up but here how it is looking at the moment...

Above my monitor we have my whiteboard, this is where I keep my blog post schedule, any ideas, a list of review items and a little to do list. It is so nice having a place where everything can be kept together and so I can keep on top of things. All I need to do is look up from my screen and everything is there. On my actual desk I have my whiteboard pens, a tray with random bits and pens on it, my Lionel Messi coaster and a little Joker soft toy. My mouse mat, mouse and keyboard are all AFX and are perfect for what I require at the moment however, I will probably upgrade when I can. I also have my Echo Dot on here and my Alexa Destiny ghost which I am yet to set up. I love having the Alexa nearby and am I actually using it a lot more than I used to. A recent addition is my Mophie wireless charger which is super handy to have here as I no longer have to move my charger from room to room.

The cupboard at the side of my desk has my current PC in there which is just a basic HP PC. It has done me well for the past 3/4 years but it is time I begun investing in a gaming PC, keep an eye on the blog to see how that goes. Also in the cupboard is a wired Xbox 360 controller for just in case and also Liam's Razer headset which I have currently stolen from him because it is the only way I can get sound from the PC, nothing else seems to work.

The little draw above this is where I keep a little bit of everything, I have backup stationary, an old mint tins full of bits and a Star Wars tin full of bits I even have the Microsoft surface charger in here for if I ever get it repaired. 

The mint tin is home to a few Nickelback plectrums one of which was one we caught as it was thrown into the crowd. It is also where I keep my memory sticks and spare SD cards. I am hoping to use my camera more so the SD cards will finally be used. Also the USB sticks are what I use for storing my blog images.
The Star Wars tin really is random, we have the spare batteries fro the Xbox controllers, charging cables and power bricks the iPad and iPod, the charger for my wireless earphones and even my pen for my drawing tablet. I also have a spare gaming mouse which is my Steelseries one. I also still have a couple of fidget spinners in here, I don't know why but I actually reach for them every now and again. 

The big main  drawer is actually quite organised at the moment which makes a change for me. On the right I have a variety of notebooks all for different aspects of the blog or future plans for when I get a YouTube / Twitch set up. I also keep my Peter Rabbit 50p in here so I don't loose it. I don't use my Samsung Galaxy any more but there we no way I was getting rid of my case as it has  2 of my favourite footballers on it so I keep this in the drawer too.

The other side is where it get a little random. I have the box for my iPhone in here along with the box for the wireless charger. I also keep old phones in here, I just need to add my old 5c and iPhone 4s into it. There are also a few iPhone 8 cases that I will be using soon kept safe here and a screen protector I really need to put on. To the back of the draw I have my broken Surface, my drawing tablet which I should really use again and my JBL speaker that I want to use a lot more too.

So there you have it that is what I have as a part of my PC gaming and blogging set up. I can't wait to upgrade it more and more over time. Can you recommend any good gaming gear for it?

See you soon

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