Mophie Wireless Charging Base

When I got my iPhone 8 a few months ago I also picked up a few accessories to go along with it. One thing I wanted to take advantage of was its wireless charging feature (something I ignored in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge), and after a few months of testing it I absolutely love it.

 I currently have the Mophie wireless charging base set up at the side of my desk so when I am playing on my PC or actually blogging at it then I simply pop my phone down on here and it charges away. Sometimes it does get a little warm to touch but really I just use this as a quick charge so it is never on for long than an hour or 2.  

It is also nice and compact so doesn't take up too much space on my desk, luckily as I do have quite a few bits on it already. I am loving the fact that I no longer have to carry my charger between rooms and simply have this around me at all time. Set up was also super easy simply take it all out of the box, plug it in then attach the wire to the base. You are then good to go. 

I have also been using this to charge up my S7 when I have needed to use it, even using it with this phone I haven't had a single issue. If you have a phone with wireless charging capability I would highly recommend giving on of these a go, I managed to pick this up at Carphone Warehouse for just £29.99 which is a small price for the fact I can now just quickly add some power to my phone whilst blogging/gaming or before going out without having to move wires from room to room.

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