Last Week #8

Finally we have heating in the house and we have got the majority of jobs done, this means I have plenty of time now to just relax on evenings. I managed to get a bit of gaming done and am hopefully going to have more time this week, I just need to learn to manage my time better so I can get gaming done as well as blogging and working out. The weather changing also means that I am wanting to spend more time indoors gaming, watching films and generally just relaxing. So here is what I had....

Been Watching: I have watched a lot of YouTube again this week, whether it has been gaming or cleaning videos I have been loving it. I have also watched a lot of workout videos to get ideas for things I can do at home. These have been mainly USWNT player workouts but I have found some really good ones I can't wait to try. I also managed to catch a Man City women game on Facebook along with the NWSL playoff final.

Been reading : Unfortunately my Carli Lloyd book is still unopened at the side of me, but it will hopefully change soon because once that book is done I will be starting my Assassins Creed or World of Warcraft ones.

Been Playing: I restarted Lego Marvel Superheros again last week as I really want to complete it. I am enjoying it so far and honestly think I may buy the second one once I have done. I also played a bit of Minecraft on my iPhone whilst waiting at the doctors.

Been listening to :  Halsey had been a go to on the way to and from work. But when we have done jobs around the house or been eating, we have had a Disney playlist on.

Bought : We got a Nespresso machine last week, which means proper coffee for a change which may keep me awake for a while meaning more gaming time. I am actually getting quite good at not spending unnecessary money on gaming and tech I really don't need.

Plans for this week : I am determined to keep Liam off the PS4 for a while this week so I can get through more of Lego Marvel. I am also hoping to get some of these ideas typed up so I can post a lot more on here, also brainstorm a few bits I want to work on. I may also make a few changes to the blog, Facebook and my Discord through the week. Plus I start my physio this week.

Last weeks posts : Unfortunately there were none but now the house is taking shape I can focus on this again, plus I actually have ideas again.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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