Am I Getting Black Ops 4

Call of Duty got a bit like Fifa for me, I would make sure I picked up a copy on release day. Although as you can see in the image above I ended up with multiple copies of some of the games as others would also pick up a copy for me on a different console so I could play with friends if I wanted to.

One of the main things I would get Call of Duty for was the campaign, granted I never actually finished them as a new game would always come along and take its place. But I really enjoyed sitting and playing them. I only occasionally would hop on to multiplayer as I aren't very good at the games online so I never saw the point in going on to be constantly killed, barely ever getting a kill. Although at one point I did play quite a bit of online, I think it was Black Ops 2 when I did this, and I got to the stage where I was actually quite OK for my standard and was enjoying it. Zombies I never bothered with I think I may have played it a few times with Liam whilst I was at his but I couldn't get into it all so never invested time in it.

Now with the release of Black Ops 4 I am undecided, do I pick up a copy or do I just not bother. The campaign which is a massive part of why I buy the game has gone, so I would have to play online. But if I did plat online then who knows I might actually invest time into it and get good at it for once. Just like I did with Overwatch. I could always give Zombies another try and who knows this year could be different. Plus I have never played a Battle Royale game so this could be the perfect time for me to give it a try.

I am seeing good things about the game even from some of those who also had there doubts, I don't want to totally write the game off in my own mind as I would love to see if having no campaign really does make a difference, and see what the new modes and tactics actually add to the game. As I say in previous years I have enjoyed playing but I think this may be one where I pick it up nearer Christmas when the price hopefully drops, who knows I may also be able to get Liam playing it too. I am honestly 50/50 on this at the moment but fingers crossed I can make a decision.

Are you picking up a copy? Let me know what you think if you have already played the game.

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