Fifa 19 The Journey : Kim Hunter

I pick up Fifa religiously every year, I always say I wont get it on release date but I always do. Any one you speak to would probably say I am stupid for doing this but honestly every year you notice the little touches, like I found that initial control of the ball this year is a lot more realistic. 

One of the big things this year for me is the addition of Kim Hunter in the journey. Kim is Alex's half sister trying to make it to the 2019 women's world cup with the US women's national team, as a huge fan of the women's game this is a very welcome edition for me. In the previous years I haven't gone anywhere near the journey so to be honest I don't have a clue what has happened to Alex Hunter or Danny Williams I solely focused on Kim's Story. Along your journey you have Alex Morgan, one of the greatest women in the game as your mentor helping you get to grips with the training, the fame and your future once the world cup is over, do you instantly go pro like a few players previous such as Lindsey Horan, or do you take the more common route of college first, it is actually Alex who plants this idea into your head.

You have a chance to make a name for yourself in a couple of friendlies before the tournament kicks off and I noticed no matter how well you do (Kim scored most goals in qualifying) you will end up on the bench once at the world cup, but again if you know the coach in real life she probably would do that to you anyway so it is very realistic in that sense. As you make your way through the tournament you have to deal with the coaches choices and interviews as well as team mates pranks which will actually judge how the fans perceive you. 

Throughout the journey you also have objectives to meet in the different chapters of the game which will help with fan rating and coach rating as well as possibly unlocking ultimate team cards. The number of games you play will and the progression throughout the chapters will also unlock you different clothing and boots to customise Kim. In games you also get objectives given to you by the coach which will also give you more followers if completed.

One thing I really loved about this is how you have a meter rating your partnership with Alex Morgan, send her good passes and generally play well the meter increases as does your friendship. There is also a meter which shows if you are close to being in the starting 11 or dropping out after training drills, it is always worth keeping an eye on this.

Overall I really enjoyed playing as Kim and the ending of her journey left it open for a progression which I would love to see, will she go pro or will she go to college. Please EA continue to develop Kim as a character. With the inclusion of Kim to the Journey, I am also hoping that this leads to more women's teams in the game. I know I should just be grateful we get a selection of international teams but  I would love to see some of the leagues included, even if they just started with the NWSL that would be a brilliant progression as it really will be a gateway to the women's games, plus 90% of that league is probably already in the game due to international teams.

Since playing as Kim it has really made me want to go back through previous games to see Alex's story as I believe it may be a pretty good one. So I will have to see how that goes. I would highly recommend you give the journey a go for yourself as you may just end up surprised like myself.

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