Wanted Tech Additions To The Games Room

The shelves are going up in the games room, there is on bit of wood left to fit and then it is all done on the DIY front. We just have posters to buy and frame and a few bits to unpack then the room will finally be at the standard we want it. Looking around the room now it looks brilliant however, I am really wanting to add a few more bits to kit it out fully, I am at the point where I think I will be constantly adding items to tech out the room. Here are just a few of the items I want to get to start off with... 

Smart plugs are something I keep looking at but aren't too sure on, are they going to be worth the money? You can get some pretty cheap ones on Amazon which don't require a hub so I may have to pick these up to try. So many times I go out of the house and then start to wonder if I turned an item off or not. It would be so handy to have these in as if I had left something on I could use my phone to turn it off.

Now this LaMetric clock is something I have had my eye on for ages, but it is a little pricey at £155.14. I love this clock as it not only tells the time and acts as an alarm, but it can also tell you the weather, be a speaker, notify you when you have a call incoming if your phone is not to hand and also track your social media. You basically have everything accessible via your clock. This would be perfect for me to keep an eye on how my social media is doing for the blog or so I don't miss any important calls or messages whilst I am gaming. I already have a space on my desk just waiting for this addition.

A sound bar is something I used to have back when I was at my parents but it wasn't compatible with my new TV so I left it behind. I do miss having one but at the same time I am on the fence about investing money into a better quality one. I love some of the LG and Bose ones that are out at the moment but aren't too keen on the price tags. Gaming with a sound bar just used to sound so good to me and I do miss it, so I think this is something me and Liam need to pick up in the future.

LED Lighting Strips are a must, I have tried talking Liam into getting the Philips Hue but I am currently having no luck so I think that for now I am going to have to settle for some LED lighting strips. I am wanting these for around our TV units so it lights up our TV and also our consoles as we have a cube unit where these lights would look brilliant. The lights would shine on the consoles and light up the room just a little to create a nice relaxed mood for gaming. I just love the effect they give, there are also so many out there on the market so we need to sit and find what would work best for us.

So there you have it those are the items I am lusting after for the games room the most currently, hopefully we might have some of them soon and have a completed games room DIY wise, keep an eye out for an updated games room tour post.

See you soon,

TNG Games

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