FIFA : Ultimate Team

To say just how many years I have been playing Fifa for, not once had it actually crossed my mind to give Ultimate team a go. However, I aren't sure what actually tempted me this year (Fifa 19) to dive right in but I am so glad I did.

When I first started and I got my first packs to open up to form my starter team, I got so excited to see who I would receive even though I knew it would be no one decent. Then you get to do certain starter objectives to grow your amount of coins or gain new packs. It was actually making me want to play for hours on end to complete these objectives. It would also annoy me if I had just missed out on them, it took me so long to actually sell a player. 

Then came the fun part buying the players I wanted on my team, this started out with some of the players who are my favourites from leagues around the world. Granted these aren't world class players, these are just ones I enjoy watching and wanted to say I owned. I have found the best way for me to grow my team is by playing in the weekly squad battles as when you go up the ranks you can get some brilliant rewards, it is just having the patience to grind through each rank, who knows you can get some good stuff from it. One time I got an inform Hernandez, the week after I got a regular Hernandez you just never know who you may get. Squad battles is my main mode at the moment as it means I aren't really playing online but I think in the near future I may have to give some other modes a go and see how I take to those.

One of the main reasons I never played before is I was worried I would end up wasting all my money on pack openings, so far though I am doing well I have spent £7 on the in game currency however, I haven't actually touch that yet, I am seeing how well I can do before breaking into that.

Overall I am glad I have finally given Ultimate team a try as it really isn't bad at all and I can see me playing this a lot more than any other mode within the game.

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