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I was always PlayStation growing up even including handhelds, I chose the PSP over a Nintendo DS, in fact at one stage the only none PlayStation item I owned was the Gameboy. However that soon changed, I got the Nintendo Wii, if I remember correctly I saved money for this from my paper round and birthday to get this and the parents helped with the difference. I am so glad I got this console as it is one I still have today and it has provided years of enjoyment whether that be through playing on my own or with family at parties. Me and my sister spent a lot of time playing on this together too (something we didn't usually do). There were so many brilliant games for this console that I actually found it difficult to narrow my list down to 5 however here are the games that made the cut...

Michael Jackson The Experience was definitely one of the best games for when we had parties. We would spend ages playing this dancing and singing along, the whole family would get involved it was quite fun to watch my grandad play this. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan too so this was perfect for me and will always be my favourite dance game if you were to ask if I prefer this or Just Dance it would always be this.

Of course this game was on the list, I remember spending countless hours on Mario Kart, practising ready for when me and my Dad would have races. I won most of the time but he soon got a lot better, my sister used to spend a fair bit of time playing this too. I was one of those games you could play solo over and over again without getting bored but also mix it up at any stage and play multiplayer and still have just as much fun. This is another one we would always play at parties and get plenty of laughs from.

Another game that you could play solo or multiplayer and never get bored of. I used to play this none stop as it never got boring for me, I would constantly love switching between the games and getting used to each one. This was one that we brought out at quite a few parties too and although it wasn't as liked as some of the other games we played we still had a lot of fun with it. I loved this game that much that I am actually looking to pick it up for the switch.

Wii Party was a game that I only actually ever played at parties and when the family was all together this was brilliant. It provided so much entertainment one of my favourites from this was where you had to balance presents on top of each other without them toppling over. I was never any good at any of these games but they really made parties that bit better.

Mario Strikers Charged Football is a game I only ever played alone as no one else was interested in this. I absolutely loved it as it contained 2 of my favourite things Mario and Football, even though I played this alone I got hours of enjoyment out of it. I loved how the game played and how the graphics looked giving it a really cartoony edge. Unfortunately I got rid of this game to get a new one so I am looking at buying this again.

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