Last Week #25

Well I finally got some games played what a wonderful change that made. It just annoyed me with how long the updates took, but I guess it is my own fault for leaving it too long. It has made a brilliant change for it to be quite a relaxed week for us, we have been to the gym, I have spent a night at my sisters then had a day with her and my nephew. We have also done some more decorating and even went to watch the football. Even though we seemed to do a lot it has felt very relaxed which made a nice change. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: It had been a very YouTube filled week with plenty of Minecraft videos being watched. I also managed to watch a few episodes of air crash investigators which I am absolutely loving.

Been reading : I didn't unpack my bag from when I stayed at my sisters last week so my book stayed in that bag meaning no reading was done.

Been Playing: Finally back on the games and I managed to play some FIFA and me & Liam have started our own little world on Minecraft. It has been brilliant to be back on the games and fingers crossed I get more played this week.

Been listening to : I was in a bit of an old school listening mood last week majority of my listening was taken up by Elvis, the Stone Roses and Bruce Springsteen.

Bought : The Disney store has been my best friend lately, I picked up some gifts for the nephew, a new Stitch mug and a Toy Story top this time around (would you like a Disney store haul?), I also got my nephew some Toy Story bibs from B&M along with a new book. I really need to go do some geeky shopping very soon especially for some games.

Plans for this week : I am wanting to try improve of last weeks FIFA rank in squad battles (you will see what that was possibly on Wednesday). I am also determined to get some more of Titanfall 2 played as it was a goal to finish it this month and guess what? I haven't even turned the Xbox on this month. Hopefully though I will get plenty of gaming done as I want to stay in and save money for once and we don't have anything planned except 1 game of football.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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