Last Week #24

Well I have to say I am glad that last week is over it was absolutely chaos but in a good way. Wednesday I was at an Evening with the Bantams which was a fantastic event, Friday is stayed at my sisters for the night and then the weekend just ended up being none stop. Saturday was an early start to get to Manchester for the Gymshark event where we spent most of the day meeting our favourites. Then Sunday was another early start to get to the gym before I headed off to go watch Bradford vs Liverpool. Once that was done I ended up watching the cricket, it is Liam's fault but I think I now have another sport to watch as I have enjoyed watching the world cup matches with him. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: I haven't watched any of the shows I mentioned in my July goals post, this is because of YouTube where I have been watching a lot of Sidemen videos once again, I especially loved their Fortnite death run video on the Moresidemen channel. I need new suggestions for gaming YouTubers so drop me your recommendations on here or on Twitter.

Been reading : Surprisingly I managed to get through a chapter of my Hope Solo book last Friday whilst at my sisters and I have to admit it is a great read so far.

Been Playing: Gaming really took a hit once again thanks to being out and about far too much, but I got to have a few races on CTR. 

Been listening to : Once again 90% of my music listening last week was Tegan and Sara, I can't wait for the new album in September. The other 10% was once again KSI.

Bought : Once again nothing gaming related or geeky was bought. 

Plans for this week : I want to go to the gym at least 3 times but on the other nights I will be doing a bit of decorating then heading straight to my consoles which I have neglected far too much. I am hoping to get plenty of gaming done especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as it is definitely going to help me save money for once and for all.

Last weeks posts : Last week #23.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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