Upgrades To Be Made In The Games Room?

So we have now been in the house over a year and half, it really has flown by. The first room we did was the games room and to be honest we just threw stuff together so we could get back gaming as quickly as possible and not much thought was put into some aspects. This has meant that over this year and a half I have found some bits that I have wanted to change around and some of the stuff in it and make a few new additions.

 In terms of my desk area I do feel a little cramped and there isn't really a lot of space on the surface of my desk, meaning blogging can be difficult as I can't have a notebook by my side if I am wanting to type, plus my headset just lives on the floor there isn't really anywhere for me to keep it. What I would love to do in this area is get a smaller blank whiteboard not one with the lines like I have now, it will make blog planning a lot easier. I would also love to try mount my monitors on the wall too just to clear up a little more space on my desk. 

In the future this TV unit will be getting changed over to a Kallax unit on it's side. As this will give us more surface space for maybe that PlayStation light I really want and a few other bits so the area isn't as cramped as it is on this unit so far. Plus it may give us a little more room to put in another slim book case for more game storage. This would also mean we could get the TV mounted onto the wall and out of the way, where it is at the moment I feel like I am far too close to the screen.

Under the TV I would love a good quality sound bar, I had one when I lived with my parents and it was one of my favourite things so if I could get another that would be brilliant.

I would love to add some more art work to this area or even better some of the CardPlug FIFA cards. It would also be nice to have somewhere to display the controllers we have too and somewhere to hang the headsets so they are out of the way, I am hoping that these are also getting upgraded very soon. 

Another thing I would love is some gaming related cushions to go on our sofa bed we have in the room so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

One thing that is definitely going to be taking place though is cable management, there are wires just hanging all over the place so it is about time they got sorted alongside my LED's being put back around my desk.

So there you have it those are the few upgrades I want to do in our games room just to get it a bit nicer and how we would prefer it. 

See you soon.

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