Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

Do you ever play a game and then think to yourself why didn't I play this sooner? That is exactly what I thought through my entire play-through of Spider-Man on the PS4. I had heard good things about the game on social media but didn't exactly realise just how good it would be and how it would have me gripped from beginning to end. It only took me so long to complete due to a lack of time to play. 

Straight from the start the game is onto a winner, with plenty of options at the start to make it more accessible to a wider audience which is so good to see, more developers need to take a leaf out of it's book and have these options available so more people can enjoy their game. There are also plenty of options on the game for difficulty levels so again there is something for everyone, you can take it nice and easy or you can go all out with the fighting and combat by upping the difficulty. 

There are plenty of cinematics and cut scenes throughout the game and for once I didn't find myself wanting to skip them all and I actually enjoyed sitting and watching them. They all fit the story really well and actually gripped me which certainly helped me follow the story a whole lot better. Sometimes I find cut scenes go on a little to long and could easily be cut down but with this game they seemed to be the perfect length as they got to the point without dragging on far too long. 

Even the load screens seemed more interesting than other games as you could zoom in and out & mover Spider-Man around. You also get little tips along the bottom which you can click between which actually helps you out a bit as it can refresh you on anything you may have forgot. The load screen did crash a few times early on in the game however, it soon came back on and no progress was lost which didn't make it seem so bad. The game is also quite quick with the load times too so you aren't sat around waiting for too long like I have been in games previously. 

In terms of the controls I wasn't too sure what to expect, I thought that the swinging around would take some getting used to but honestly the controls are so easy to pick up even for me and that is often what I struggle with most in games. Granted there was a lot of button smashing going on during the combat but that is usually how I play these sort of games which Liam finds funny to watch. 

There are plenty of different missions too so you aren't just repeating the game over and over again, which definitely makes it much more enjoyable as it isn't repetitive and boring although I aren't really a fan of the MJ missions and much prefer the Spider-Man ones although the little puzzles to do as Peter are great fun too and get your brain working. I think if this game had just been constant fight after fight mission I might have got a little fed up however, thanks to it being a bit of a mixture it is perfect for me. I actually haven't enjoyed a game this much since I played through Detroit : Become Human. I think that is the last game that truly gripped me like this. There is plenty of humour in the game too just like the movies those quick one liners make you chuckle whilst you swing to your next mission. 

In the game you also get introduced to Miles Morales which to be honest just made me more excited for the new game coming to the PS5 Spider-Man : Miles Morales which to be honest after playing the PS4 game is a big reason I want the PS5 in the first place. It is nice seeing them build up the new character and as someone who still needs to learn about Miles it is a great introduction.

I have currently completed the main story of the game just so I could power on through it however, I think this is a game I will happily go back and complete the side missions too as it is just that enjoyable. To think I am going to play this game a 2nd time and it is only £20 these days you are definitely getting great value for your money as you can happily go back on it and polish it off to 100% and a achieve that platinum trophy. 

Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer : Insomniac Games
Available ON : PS4

So that is game 3 of the year completed now onto the next one, keep an eye on the blog as there are plenty of reviews & first impression posts coming over the rest of 2020. What do you think to Spider-Man on the PS4 if you have played it?

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