What I Got For My 25th Birthday

Well I am now another year older, it doesn't seem 2 minutes ago I was turning 24 so how am I now 25? the family have well and truly spoilt me this year even though I told them I really didn't want anything, in fact all I asked for was a Bradford City shirt and a necklace but here is what I ended up receiving... 

Me and Liam now have a shopping trip on my birthday so he spent a fair bit on food and drinks for me but he also got me this signed Eni Aluko book, I am loving my football books so this is a great addition to the collection. 
My auntie and Uncle treated me to some of the Saffron Barker range from Primark that I had been after, I can't wait for the spare room to be done so I can get all cosy under the throw whilst listening to my records. The pyjamas also look really comfortable too. You also can never have enough water bottles.
My parents got me the Stitch hot water bottle from Primark just to fuel the Stitch obsession a bit more, but he really is soft and will come in really handy on those colder days. I got some Stitch pin badges from my auntie and uncle too to add to our pin board in the games room.

Everyone in the family knows just how much I love Toy Story and I got quite a few bits especially from my sister and nephew. They got me a wash bag (possibly be a pencil case for me), some socks with Rex on seen as that is my nickname and a really soft throw (the house is now over run with throws but this will live in the games room). They also got me a Woody holding Forky Funko Pop which I had to laugh at once I opened as I said to my nephew 'wow is she trying to say this is us 2'. My parents then also got me an Aliens t-shirt to add to the ever growing Toy Story t-shirt selection in my wardrobe.
My sister and nephew also got me this photo frame with the cutest quote on, but now is the task of finding a picture of me and the nephew to go in the frame. This will definitely end up pride of place in the living room. One of the only things I had asked for was a silver chain. I got one of these when I was younger but it not longer fits and I missed it so my parents got me a new one. I think this could be an everyday item just like it used to be. 

I am always buying my nephew dinosaur items so my grandparents got me my own little dinosaur along with £50 to treat myself with. My auntie and uncle got me some Dumbo travel bottles as I am hoping to go camping soon and they also got me another Gymshark Veer t-shirt as the brand has now definitely become my go to. Liam's dad also got me a bottle of gin to our growing collection but I can't see this lasting very long and his mum gave me £20, I think another Gymshark order may be being placed out of birthday money. 

my sister got me a t-shirt from the Primark x PlayStation collection. So now I have 1 t-shirt and a hoodie but there are still so many items I can't find. Finally I got myself the Mutant Football league game for the switch as I had wanted it for a while so why not treat myself.

I got not one but 2 Bradford City shirts which I really didn't expect, the home one was hidden in my Toy Story t-shirt. It is safe to say the parents were told off for getting me both but I am very grateful as I was stuck between which one I wanted. But which do I wear to my next game?

See you soon

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