Is FIFA 19 Harder On The Switch?

Anyone who knows me knows just how obsessed I am with FIFA, in fact you only have to read this blog to see how much of my time it consumes. I got FIFA 19 on release day on the PS4 as I do most times (although I have a few copies on Xbox too) but when Liam came home with a Nintendo Switch I knew I needed to pick up a copy for the Switch so I could play the game whilst out and about. 

I was actually quite surprised with how good the game looked on the Switch as I didn't expect the graphics to be good as they were, I think this might be because the last FIFA game I played on a handheld was on the DS and I just didn't get on with it. 

But in terms of the actual game play on '19 I struggled. I went from winning women's games 10/11 nil on the PS4 to struggling to get above 3-2 wins and honestly I don't know why, it just doesn't seem to go my way at all. I even went as far as checking the difficulty levels matched up and guess what ... they did. I just cant seem to get my head around it, even Liam has struggled with it as few times.

It is thanks to the difficulty that the game has ended up being neglected and I have opted to play Crash Team Racing. I get far too stressed out with and get as annoyed as I do when I am at actual live games, you don't want to be sat next to me at some of those just ask Liam. I would much rather play a racing game than get stressed on this and possibly launch the switch. 

Will I be buying FIFA 20 on the Switch? No chance I will be sticking to PS4 and maybe trying it on the PC. Have you noticed any games to be more difficult between controllers.

See you soon,

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