Games I Want To Buy (New Releases)

I know I said recently that I was going to try be good and not buy any games as I wanted to complete the ones I already owned (you can read that post here) but I should have something to aim for shouldn't I? Well that is what today's post is all about, the games I want to pick up once I have crossed some games off my backlog. Granted the Switch games will possibly just be picked up ASAP as I don't have many options to play on that console as I like at the moment. However, for the PS4 and Xbox One it is going to be a case of completing 1 or 2 games on that console before picking up anything new because it is time I actually started completing games for a change.  So here are those all important games I am hoping to pick up throughout 2020...

For the Nintendo Switch we have...

Animal crossing : New Horizons - I was never really an Animal Crossing fan but then Liam convinced me to get New Leaf before we went to America and I got hooked for quite a while. I haven't played the 3DS since I got the Switch so the game got neglected but now I am looking forward to giving New Horizons a go. Another plus side to this is that it comes out just before a long journey to Scotland. 

Saints Row IV : Re-Elected - I have quite a few of the Saints Row games on my other consoles but I would love to give this a go on the Switch. I could imagine sitting in the garden, in the summer when it is too warm to be inside, and just trying to make my way through this game. It would definitely be something different to add to the Switch collection.

Moving Out - I want to pick this game up as I think it will definitely a fun game. Learning the do's and don'ts of moving furniture whilst having a laugh will definitely be fun. I hope it is a lot more fun than when we moved out because that was a stressful day.

Not only do I want to pick up games on the Switch but I also want to pick up some new games for the PS4 so here are the games I want to pick up for the PlayStation...

Doom Eternal - I don't know what it is with this game because I haven't even played Doom yet (it will be played before I get this) but there is something about Doom Eternal that is drawing me in. This is definitely one I want to pick up but I think I will wait until it has dropped in price a bit.

Sword Art Online : Alicization Lycoris - If you have read my games to beat post you will have seen I am trying to get through the Lost Song, I am hoping that once I complete that I can pick up Alicization Lycoris. I love anything Sword Art Online so I should play more of the games.

Captain Tsubasa : Rise of new champions - Football & Anime how haven't I heard about Captain Tsubasa? I can't wait to give this game a go as it combine two of my favourite things. It is going to be interesting to seem if it is a game I am going to end up hooked on as that is usually the case with any football game I play, I get hooked on it and forget about other games I own. 

We can't forget the Xbox now can we? I am trying to play on the Xbox a lot more these days as I have seriously neglected it over the past year or so. So here is what I want to pick up for this console over the next year or so...

Marvel Avengers - This game has been a long time coming, too long in fact. I have been wanting a good game that revolves around just the Avengers for a long time so this can't come soon enough. Plus it comes out just before my birthday so fingers crossed I can convince someone that this will be a great present. 

Cyberpunk 2077 - I don't know what is it but there is something dragging me in each time I take a look at the game, it is on my list to buy but just like with Doom Eternal I think this might be a game I pick up when it drops down in price but I am definitely going to give it a go. I would just love to know what is it that draws me to it. 

SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated - I think I have played this previously on the PS2 but even at £25 I still love SpongeBob so this definitely going to be purchased. There hasn't been a decent SpongeBob game in years so lets hope this is a good one. 

So there you have it those are the games I am hoping to pick up but first I have to get some other games completed.

What are you hoping to pick up this year?

See you soon

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