March Gaming Pick Ups

March was definitely a month of spending and I actually managed to treat myself to some games. I know I said in my games I want to buy post, that I was going to wait until I completed some games before I purchased new but I wasn't adding Nintendo Switch to this promise as we are really lacking in games for the Switch.

We were meant to have a trip coming up at the end of March which was the main reason behind picking up some of these games but unfortunately that has now been  cancelled but I guess with this whole social distancing/ self isolating the games will definitely be handy. 

The first game we picked up was Two Point Hospital, I have been really looking forward to playing this but I was holding off to start this on the way to Scotland. Now that isn't happening I can't wait to finally jump into the game. 

We also picked up Minecraft for the Switch as the game is still one I always go back to playing. For me this is such an easy going game so if I ever just want to quickly jump on a game I can do this anywhere now. With me picking up this on the Switch I now have it on all the consoles I own, my laptop my PC & even my iPad so as you can see I still love this game.

Of course we picked up Animal Crossing too, we were both really looking forward to picking this up as we both loved New Leaf but now I can see there been a fight over who gets to play on the Switch. Liam managed to pick this up on release day for us and he has barely been off it since. This game has definitely been a long time coming. 

Finally my mum picked me up a copy of The Witcher The Last Wish. I have been loving the show and I am planning on starting the game soon so I might as well add the book to the collection.

So there you have it that is what I picked up in March, what  have you picked up?

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