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One thing I don't do often enough is sit and watch a film, when me and Liam only had weekends to spend together we used to watch plenty of films but since moving in together that has drastically changed thanks to us having our own space and most nights are spent with me blogging and him gaming or just both of us playing separate games. One thing I would love to do is have a move night once a week where phones are put down and we just enjoy a film together like we used to.  We definitely have plenty of DVD's to get through and Liam keeps telling me he has plenty of older films he needs to introduce me to so now might be the time to get through them.

So here are some of the films I want to watch to get through what we have owned for a while, no doubt a few of these Liam won't want to watch but lets hope he changes his mind when it comes to it...

Detective Pikachu
I really wanted to go see this in the cinema but for some reason we just never got there. My grandparents got me the DVD for Christmas and I still haven't actually watched it. I think it is finally time to get sat down with plenty of popcorn and give this a watch I think this will be one that Liam will watch with me.

Toy Story 4
I picked this up on release week as I was determined to get through it without crying but instead I just haven't got through it. It is currently sat right next to the DVD player still in its wrapper. I am hoping we can sit and watch this together too as we watched it together in the cinema  and it is such a good film. I think all the Toy Story films are in my top 10 all time currently.

The Joker
Another film we missed at the cinema. to be honest I think we actually both wanted to watch this so it should definitely be one we watch together. I love anything to do with the Joker so I am hoping this lives up to what I am expecting as there were so many conflicting reviews around the time of its release.

Descendants 3
I watched 1 & 2 mid last year and got absolutely hooked. I bought loads of the merchandise but couldn't watch 3 for quite a while. So for Christmas Liam got me the boxset with all 3 films in. I doubt he will want to watch this with me, he wouldn't even watch the first 2 so I guess this is one I will be watching alone. I might actually just watch all 3 films back to back one weekend to get my full fix.

Frozen 2
Surprise, surprise another film I missed at the cinema, this is definitely down to Liam refusing to go see it. In fact he told me to take my nephew with me who isn't even 1 yet that is how much he didn't want to go. I will probably wait to watch this on Disney + or even pick this up on DVD. If the soundtrack is anything to go by I am sure I will love the film.

The Marine Films
I have received quite a few of the Marine films over the years, I actually only started buying them once the Miz started featuring in them but I have since purchased nearly all of them. I really want to sit and give these films a go as I am a big wrestling fan and they feature some of my favourite wrestlers, plus you rarely hear about the films so maybe it is time I see what they are all about.

This post is literally just the films I already own or will be picking up soon, there will be another post coming soon which is all the Netflix films I want to watch... there will no doubt be a lot.

What have you been watching recently or what do you want to watch?

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