What's The Best For Me- Macbook or Microsoft Surface?

As I am blogging more and more, to the point I have found that I am actually blogging on the go. Not only do I sit to my desktop PC and type away but I have now started taking my laptop to work with me for on lunch breaks and I even took it on a trip to the seaside recently where I worked in the car on the way there and back.

Currently I am using a HP Stream laptop that I picked up back in 2015 but WOW even I could move faster than that  thing does (I will be doing a blog post about this in the future,) but it just isn't doing the job. I want something that is going to be more responsive, something a bit more lightweight & easy to use.

So what is the laptop going to be used for? 
I am now running 3 blogs so that takes up a lot of my time. The laptop is going to be used for creating content on the go and having everything in one place. I want this laptop to be good enough for taking with me if I have to travel to thing such as events or even meetings in the future. Having something I can have with me 90% of the time is key, I may as well make the most of my time being a passenger and up my productivity for once. If I have been to an event & I have the laptop with me on my journey I can just get cracking on with my write up meaning that productivity will definitely be increased and will finally more content for you guys reading.

So what is key in what I am looking for?

Lightweight - This is essential as it will be in a backpack most of the time. I don't want something that is going to break my back like previous laptops have felt like they were going to do. Being lightweight would also be really helpful as if it is on my knee for a car journey it hopefully won't make my knees go dead.

Battery life - with me using it in the likes of the car or at my desk at lunch I need it to have a pretty good battery life. I don't want to bring my charger with me all the time as that just adds unnecessary weight to my bag which will just cause shoulder and cause issues with them and my back. Plus how am I meant to charge it if it dies on a car journey? Even if I was on a train, I wouldn't be guaranteed somewhere to charge my laptop so I would rather not risk it.

Responsive - As I said before my current laptop is just going far too slow for me. I can be trying to open a document and I am met with not responding, similarly I can click to open Google Chrome and they will take forever which isn't good when you only have a short lunch break and want to get things done.

So here is a bit of a breakdown for the contenders at the moment:

MacBook Pro - I see so many content creators using this laptop that it really tempts me to pick one up for myself. At the moment I use an Apple phone & watch so why not add a laptop into the mix?  This can definitely be a pricey laptop at anywhere between £1000 & £2500 but if it helps me put out more content and get more done it could definitely be worth the investment. Would I be able to switch from the windows operating system though as it is all I am really used to? I have always been drawn to the MacBook but I think that honestly may just be down to it being an Apple product. If I did venture into the YouTube like I want to (confidence keeps holding me back,) maybe this would make editing a bit easier for me.

Microsoft Surface Book - This could very easily be a front runner in the race as my dad used to have a Surface many years ago for his business and he loved it. What could be better than only owning a basically a tablet that could turn into a laptop. This could be perfect as with a rumored 13 hours battery life that should be more than enough to keep me going on journeys and will definitely do for my lunch times. I could just use it as a tablet if I wanted to just watch a show but I can easily have it as a laptop when required. With multiple options this would be great for all occasions. The 15" screen means there is plenty of space so my eyes wont struggle like they do with smaller devices plus you can get some pretty good accessories for this like the mouse, pen and even a dial. The only problem is the price tag for me at around £2249.00 it will definitely be an investment.

Both these will require me to save up quite a bit so they could be a long way in the future but which would you pick?

2020 onwards is the year I am really going to get my head down and work hard to achieve my goals. We are just approaching the 3rd month now and I am well on my way to achieving some of my 2020 goals already so I guess the only way is up.

See you soon,

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