Getting The Apple Watch For Christmas

It has definitely taken a while to get cracked on with this post, in fact I have had the watch for just over two months now and I don't know why I haven't spoke about it before.

My parents got me and my sister the Apple watch series 3 for Christmas, by the time I got home at 9pm that night I was well on my way to setting the watch up. It was a pretty easy set up although it did take a while for text messages to start coming through to the watch, in fact it took a day and half for this feature to start working but that didn't stop me using it.

The only days I haven't worn the watch are those lazy days in the house, any other day it is sat nicely on my left wrist. I was worried at first I would get bored of it after a while but it is actually benefiting me so well already. I find myself wanting to better my activity day by day, I don't need my phone out constantly, plus it make changing my song on the way to work easier. It also means I can just check my wrist to see if the notification that came through was important or needed urgent attention, meaning my phone spends less time out of my pocket.

So what am I loving about the watch so far?

Lightweight - I often find that I can forget I have the watch on as it is just so lightweight. Some watches can make your wrist feel heavy after just a short while of wearing it but this one you can actually easily forget about it, well that is until it decides to tell you there is a new notification waiting for you.

Long battery life - Battery life is definitely great on this watch so far, but only time will tell if it is like your typical Apple product where battery life starts off great and deteriorates pretty quickly. So far so good though but I will report back if anything changes, (have a few more posts about this coming up soon). The charger doesn't exactly take up much space either so I currently have it just by the side of my bed for when the watch does need charging.

Quick Easy Notifications - Notifications for those important apps come straight through to my watch, so all I have to do is look at my wrist and see if it is something that needs responding too or not. It has meant I have spent less time taking my phone out for those useless junk emails and have focused more on what I need to. even when I am sat at my PC the phone goes away and I just check my wrist to see if things are important or not... no wonder I feel I have been really productive this year.

Fun watch faces - I think this might be a benefit for the nephew rather than myself. I normally tend to stick to the activity face so I can track my progress throughout the day or I will have some pictures of me, the nephew & Liam on the watch face constantly changing. But the nephew loves the Mickey Mouse face and he loves the Toy Story one even more, plenty of times he sees the watch and just sits on my knee going through the Toy Story characters on the face and to be honest even I love just sitting and watching them with him.

But are there any downsides so far?

Call logo staying on for ages - I don't know what the issue is but if I get a phone call and the watch is on even hours after the phone call has ended the watch still flashes with a red dot then the call button saying the call is still in progress. I end up having to restart the watch just to get rid of this as obviously the call ended a long time ago. Has anyone else had this issue? 

Workout app opening if my sleeve catches it - This one is the big issues for me, when I am using the activity watch face sometimes my sleeve will catch the screen whilst I am working, the next thing you know it is calculating and timing how long I am working out for as it activates the workout app and specific work outs. It is a nightmare as I am starting to lightly track my calories and this just messes the data up. It can happen every other day some weeks and I just need to find a way to stop this without having to switch from my favourite watch face.  

This watch is definitely better than any of the cheaper smart watches / activity trackers I have bought in the past as it ticks all the right boxes and is actually starting to make my life a bit easier. Have you got or had an Apple watch? What are your thoughts on them?

See you soon

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