Can I Complete 10 Games In September


I don't know what it is lately but I just haven't really felt like sitting down and gaming. In fact all my spare time lately has just been spending blogging as opposed to sitting down gaming as I have been wanting to get ahead with the content on my other blogs. But now I am getting well ahead I am hoping to return to the consoles very soon roll the credit on plenty of games in my backlog. 

So to do this I have set myself a little bit of a challenge for this blog... can I complete 10 games in September? I have seen people trying to complete 30 games in 30 days but that just isn't going to happen for me, so I have settled for aiming to complete 10 games throughout the month as it should be a lot more manageable. 

So for this little challenge I am going to set a few rules which are as follows: 

Can be started but not near completion

I know some people say games must be started from scratch however, none of the games that I am planning on playing are above 10% in story so far so I am allowing them to be included in this challenge. 

Have until the end of the month

I will be starting this challenge on the 1st of September and any games I play in this challenge must be completed by the 1st October to count in the final total, if the credits haven't rolled by then, well they just wont count. 

Can be on any format

I wont just be sticking to one console for this challenge like some people have, I will be playing games across the PS4, Xbox One and Switch but most games are likely to be on the PS4 or Xbox as that is where the biggest backlog is. 

Can't all be games that are going to be just a few hours to complete

There is no point doing this challenge if I am just going to play short games. That is why I will only be allowing myself to include 3 of these games in this challenge. For me this means stories 4 hours and under which to be honest I don't have many of at all but it just adds that extra element to stop me going for quick finishers. 

 Doesn't have to be 100% achievement wise just roll credits

I have never been one for upping my gamerscore or trophy list, if I stumble across them then great but I don't go purposely looking for them. So for me rolling the credits is completing a game. 

Must be games I own already

As this challenge is about me working on reducing my backlog any game played must already be in my possession. There is no point me going out and purposely buying games for this challenge and adding to that backlog. Granted it is my birthday in September so if I do get any games for that then I may allow them to be included but I aren't too sure yet. 

Honestly I have high hopes for this challenge and I am hoping that this will mean some games finally get played that I have put off for so long. The only issue I think I am going to come across is install times for the games as in this house they just seem to take forever. But who knows fingers crossed the post in October telling you how I get on will say I have completed 10. The best part of all this is it is hopefully going to get me back into gaming and if I complete those 10 games thanks to my 3 complete 1 in rule, I will be able to pick up 4 new games as I have already completed 2 games this year so far and haven't bought new. Keep an eye out on the blog too as there will be reviews on each of those games I do complete. 

How many do you think I am going to get through?

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