August 2020 New In

I finally feel as though I got back on track with my spending in August as although I did buy a big item, I had saved for that since the start of the year and I also made a start on some Christmas shopping. Now I wouldn't normally start making Christmas purchase so early on in the year but whilst I have ideas and Liam actually gives me ideas I am going to pick up those bits and not forget them. 

The time between pay days for August seems to have flown by and I have surprised myself with how little I have bought although I think that is due to me sticking to my backlog rule of 3 complete and 1 new in, plus me just not being interested in picking up many games or many tech items. 

Liam asked me to see if HMV had any Scooby-Doo DVD's on one of my recent visits, so I headed into the shop armed with a list and managed to pick up 3 of the ones he wanted. He has had 1 given to him now and I will put the rest of them away for Christmas. To be honest I am actually looking forward to watching these too. 

When I went into H&M and saw these Pikachu socks I wasn't going anywhere with out them. I love Pikachu and at just £2.99 they seem great. I wish they had other Pokemon ones too as a little collection would be fantastic. 

Primark was selling this Dragonball t-shirt for £6 so I decided to treat Liam as he loves anything Dragonball related and I remember him saying he wanted one of these in the past. I am sure he will love wearing this when he isn't working.

I also picked him this Dragonball Super t-shirt up to put away for Christmas as he is really lacking on t-shirts and I love this one (who knows I might end up stealing this from him in the future). For £6 I don't think you can go wrong with these at all. 

I wasn't going to purchase (redeem) Fall Guys as I just didn't think I would enjoy it but after watching plenty of videos on YouTube of people playing the game I had to install it. Fingers crossed I will get around to playing this soon. 

Another game I redeemed thanks to PS Plus is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, I never played Modern Warfare 2 so I might as well give it a go now seen as it is free.  Lately I have been enjoying Call of Duty so let's hope I enjoy this.

Finally we have my biggest and best purchase from the month... my Macbook Pro 2020, which you can read the unboxing of here. If you have been reading this blog for a while and following me on social media, you will know I have been saving for this laptop since the start of the year and I have actually managed to pick it up sooner than I expected which is fantastic. I am really enjoying using my Macbook so far and I am really hoping that having a powerful laptop at my disposal is going to help me in the long run for the content I am creating. 

So there you have it those are my pickups from August, I think September is going to be a slower month for purchases as it is my birthday but who knows I guess anything can happen. What is your favourite pick up from August?

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