FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Pack Opening #2

Finally I have managed to get around to playing more FIFA Ultimate team after it's last update seemed to take forever to install thanks once again to our terrible internet. I think there is 2 weeks worth of rewards and pre-order packs in this post but fingers crossed I can now get back to the weekly pack openings as I am really missing playing the game like I used to. So here is what I have got in my latest packs...

I am quite impressed with this pack as Ndombele will work well in my current team and the rest of the players will come in pretty handy for rotations and making sure my players are contracted for a while. 

Again these will all come in pretty handy thanks to the players nationalities and the fact one is a Premier League player. It is nice to pack a big name player like Iniesta for a change too although he isn't as good as recent years it is still a big name card that will be being used. 

I manged to get a pretty good pack out of my squad battle rewards with Asenjo and Jones being a great addition to my squad thanks to their nationalities in particular. I am starting to gain some good links for the team which is always pretty helpful. 

Another decent pack with Grealish in there, who will work well for my current side. Plus Arnold may end up working out well in the future as I have quite a few Germans that could build a pretty good side if needed. 

This was possibly my worst pack this week but there are a few cards that could definitely be useful in the near future due to their nationalities again. 

 My final pack wasn't too bad either Fernandez from Newcastle popping up. This could be a great link up card for me as I have quite a few Premier League players who should work well together 

I was definitely in luck with these packs as there are cards that can really help me out in strengthening my side and having back ups. Who have you packed this week?

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