My Very Small Xbox One & PS4 Controller Collection

One thing I have loved with this generation of consoles is the options we have had with the controllers we use when we are sat playing our games. This generation has brought us so many great colourways for our controllers as well as ones that highlight our favourite games on that platform. Gone are the days of just playing with a plain black or white controller now there are so many options available out there for everyone. 

Xbox design lab is a great addition that Microsoft have come up with as you can customize a controller to be any colour you want it to be. People have come up with some fantastic designs of their own on the design lab and to be honest I actually do wish I give it a go for myself, maybe if you can do this for the Series X I will give it a try as I quite like the thought of a TNG Games controller. PlayStation and Xbox have also both brought out some fantastic game related controllers such as the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox controller and the Last of us 2 PlayStation controller. There have been so many fantastic controllers released over the years and to be honest I really do wish I had been picking up more of these controllers but then again did I really want to spend a fortune on controllers just to be sat around? 

So here are the controllers that I currently have in my collection...

Xbox One Standard controller

Obviously I have the original controller that came with my Xbox and to be honest it is pretty battered and bruised but it still works. I honestly don't mind using this one as so many years on it is still in good working condition even if it is a bit of a mess now, it just needs a good clean.

Red controller

I actually only got this controller as a back up for if I ever wanted to play on the Xbox with Liam and to be honest I got a pretty good deal with it as I got the controller and a copy of Halo 5 not long after its release for just £50. To be honest I have only just actually taken this controller out of the box.  

Volcano controller

Liam got me this controller a few years ago for Christmas and it is still in its box. To be honest I only really wanted this for its colourway I didn't really intend to ever use this one but I am so glad I have it in my collection. The colours just work so well together. 

PS4 Standard controller

Again of course I have the PS4 controller that came with the console and to be honest it is the same condition as the Xbox controller and again is still going strong. I still use this controller as my go to and I have had no issues with it at all. It just needs a good clean.

Rose Gold PS4 controller

This is my most recent controller and one is definitely my favourite. I love anything that is rose gold so as soon as I saw this one I wanted it. Liam actually picked this one up for me last Christmas and to be honest I don't want to take this out of the box as I don't want to ruin it. 

I know this is tiny compared to other people's collections but with the 360 & PS3 I literally just had the controller that came with the consoles and that was it. Maybe next gen if they have as many controller options as this gen I might pick a few more up but to be honest I aren't too sure. What's your favourite controller in your collection?

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