Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PS4)

After having Marvel vs Capcom Infinite in my backlog for so long for far too long after I picked it up in a Game sale just due to its price and the fact it came with a steel book. All I knew about this game was that it was a fighting game which is something that I don't play too often. The last fighting game I played was Injustice which I absolutely loved so I was hoping I was going to feel the same after playing this game. 

I have the PS4 disc of this game but installed it on the PS5 due to storage space. What definitely impressed me with this is how quickly the game installed as it usually takes far too many hours due to our network connection however, this was actually done in under 2 hours meaning I could jump into the game on the same day for a change. All I wanted to do in this game was play through the story mode as I have no interest in online games like this so I didn't have to mess around waiting for any network updates for the game. 

Marvel is one of my favourite franchises so I was looking forward to seeing plenty of my favourite characters but I am not 100% on most of the Capcom characters so it was interesting learn who those characters were and what game they were from which Liam kindly filled me in on. After playing through the story it has definitely introduced me into more video game characters and I am tempted to give some Capcom games a try for a change. 

This game came out in 2017 and the graphics of the game have held up well even 4 years later. The detail on characters like Rocket Raccoon were fantastic and the visual aspect definitely did help me enjoy the game even more. It was great seeing my favourite characters in such good quality and I didn't feel like my eyes strained half as much as they usually would when playing games which I think is due to the light balance being great. It is rare that I can play a game or even look at a screen for more than an hour without reverting to putting my glasses on but I didn't need to reach for them at all this time around. 

In terms of controls I spent the whole of the game just button smashing in every fight, which Liam seemed to find quite funny but is there any other way to play fighting games? I think this is why I enjoyed the game so much, the fact that I could just keep hitting any button and have fun with the outcome. It was nice not having to remember specific controls for the full play through, granted I could easily remember combos but I would rather button smash my way through the game. 

The game picked up the humour of the Marvel characters really well and at points it made playing as those characters and watching them in the cut scenes like you was part of an actual Marvel movie instead of just playing a game. The two characters who had their humour captured well were definitely Rocket Raccoon and Iron Man, these are two of my favourite characters in the film to see them captured so well in the game was fantastic.  There were plenty of cut scenes throughout the story where there was plenty of character interaction and it was like watching part of a film which kept me engaged throughout, I wasn't jumping on my phone or skipping them which is something I do in most other games. It is definitely a good thing that I enjoyed the cut scenes as at time it did feel like I was doing more watching than actually gaming. 

I was a little worried that the game might be too difficult with it being a genre I don't usually play however, in terms of difficulty it wasn't too bad at all and I think in the whole of the game there was only 1 fight that I got frustrated with but that soon passed as it seemed to level straight back out and never stopped being enjoyable. I definitely had my favourite characters to play as which no surprise were 2 of the Avengers ones. My 2 favourites were by far Rocket Raccoon and Spider-Man, I aren't sure why they were my favourites but they were definitely the ones I had most fun playing as. My least favourite though was definitely Hulk, I just couldn't get on with playing as him.

The story wasn't too dragged out either I thought it was the perfect length as there was plenty packed into it in a short space of time without it feeling rush or incomplete. I was definitely hooked on this game and found myself completing the story in one sitting due to how short it was, normally I would jump in and out over a couple of days however, I just couldn't put the controller down. I am actually a bit gutted that I left it so long to play as I just kept putting it off for clearly no reason. After playing this I definitely want to pick up more fighting games as it is clearly a genre I enjoy but neglect so if you can recommend any games for me to try please do let me know. 

I think one of the next games I pick up is going to have to be Avengers as I have enjoyed being some of my favourite superheroes in this game and I would definitely love to play more games featuring the Avengers in the future. 

Have you played Marvel vs Capcom Infinite? What did you think to it? 

Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Available on : PC, PlayStation, Xbox

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