Recent Achievements 2021 #2

Gaming has been on the back burner a bit lately as I have just had very little motivation to play anything. I think that this lockdown has just got to me much more than others so I have spent more time doing other bits rather than sitting and playing games just to keep things a bit different. The motivation has come back a little though and I have managed to complete another game out of my backlog and made progress in some others. So here are the very few trophies and achievements me and Liam have picked up since the last achievement post...

I only managed to pick up the 1 trophy from Maneater since the last post as I just can't seem to get into the game as I am finding it a bit hit and miss one minute I love it then I am bored stupid. Who knows on the next post I might have more from this game but for now I am stepping away from it for a bit to see if I start to enjoy it a bit more when I go back to it. 

I have managed to complete 1 game recently though and that is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. To say I completed the story there weren't many trophies that came with that which definitely surprised me. I aren't too bothered about only gaining these trophies though as I aren't one for 100% games and I don't think I ever will be bothered like some people. 

Liam has managed to pick up a few trophies whilst he has been playing through Red Dead Redemption 2. He seems to have been enjoying playing through this and I think he is going to enjoy picking a few more up as he continues to enjoy playing through this game. 

Let's hope that next time around there are a lot more achievements and trophies on the list as I am determined to complete more games and make even more progress in ticking games off my backlog for this year. I am definitely getting back into playing games more often so fingers crossed this motivation is here to stay and lets hope there are some Xbox achievements on the list too.

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