What Is In My Everyday Tech Bag

Since increasing the amount of time I spend blogging and blogging on the go I have found myself carrying a lot more tech around with me. This has been great as it means I can get things done a whole lot more and my productivity levels have increased a lot. One thing I did notice happening though is that I was losing and misplacing items due to me swapping bags etc which was driving me mad. So I have finally treated myself to a tech bag where I can keep everything I need daily in one place at all times which is hopefully going to stop me misplacing items over and over again. 

I treated myself to this Bagsmart tech bag from Amazon for under £20 and it is the perfect size for items I need or could do with taking out and about with me daily. There are plenty of slots for items such as cables I need for charging and there is space for everything to have a home. So here is what I keep in this tech bag. 

I now have 3 memory cards with me at all times so that each blog has its own space to save things to and I am not getting as confused with what goes to which blog like I previously was. These are just thrown into a pouch in the bag with an micro SD adapters I need so that I know exactly where they are at all times as these were definitely what went missing the most. 

This USB 3.0 card reader comes in really handy for when I need to transfer things from my memory card to my gaming PC where I do the majority of my blogging from at the moment. The amount of times I have lost this in my desk drawer is crazy so for it to finally have its own place is great. 

My lightning to SD card adapter is a lifesaver as I can upload things straight to my phone in such a short space of time. This is perfect for when I have been to a football game or for if I need to quickly pull something off my memory card and get it onto my phone for uploading to social media. At least now I have my tech bag I can keep it in there and always have it with me. 

A hard drive isn't something I have always had with me however, I have started to be more organised and free up space on my other devices so I tend to keep a lot of files on here lately. There is the perfect section for me to keep this hard drive nice and safe and easily accessible for when I need it. It feels strange having a hard drive with me lately but it is certainly coming in handy. 

I tend to take my wireless charging pad with me these days and this just slots right in with my hard drive and I put the cable into the elasticated slot to keep it safe and untangled. I used this when I am at work in the office just to give my phone a bit of an extra charge but it can also come in handy for plugging into my laptop too so that I can have it charging if I am sat blogging for ages and don't want to take my actual phone charger out with me. 

I keep a couple of USB sticks with me too as I find that I just never know when I am going to need them. I tend to use my USB sticks one for the PS4 and one for the PS5 to transfer pics to my PC for when I am doing gaming posts. I keep them with me so that if I ever need anything from a while back that came from a console I know where it is going to be stored. At some point I will transfer them to my hard drive but for now this will do. 

This USB-C hub has become a lifesaver for me as it means I can use a whole lot more of my accessories with my Macbook and make the most out of my time and increase my productivity. This slots in nicely to the elasticated pouch and I never have to worry about not having it with me again, I can't believe just how much one accessory can help me out. 

In this bag I will also keep my phone charging lead, earphone charging lead and my laptop charger so that I am covered in case of any close calls with a low battery. These are both plugged in when I am at home but if I am heading out I will just throw them into this bag so they are with me. I could definitely do with picking up a portable charger soon though as I can definitely cut down on the amount of cables I carry around daily. 

I am taking my laptop with me everywhere lately so this bag is a lifesaver as I am never forgetting anything anymore so I can get so much more done even in just the shortest space of time. I am hoping that someday soon I can purchase an iPad and an Apple pencil so if I do pick those up no doubt even more bits are going to be added to my tech bag. 

I will be doing some more posts about what is in my tech bag, gear bag and so much more over the coming months so keep an eye out on the blog as I try to cover the majority of events when the bags might change. Fingers crossed I can get a better backpack soon too so that this all feels more safe and secure.

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